Where is the poodle?

This post describes living in a camper from Thor’s point of view and how I awake to find Thor missing and nowhere to be found.

Thor has returned

When we got to the house last night, Thor seemed to say “Finally. A house.”

I futzed around, put the top up, opened my new Equus 3721 Battery and Charging System Monitor and Bazooka. After I’d settled in a bit, I went and got the key to open up the house for my cousins who’d be sleeping there.

I unlock one door. Thor rushes over. “Finally, we’re going into a house.”

“No, Thor, we live in the van,” I explained.

I go up and unlock another door. “OK, so we’re going in this part of the house. Cool. I’ll go right in.”

“No, Thor. We’re going back to the camper.”

I’m not sure, but I think I heard him say “You’re an idiot” under his breath.

My cousins showed up. We had hors d’œuvres in the camper. Thor was very popular with my cousin’s friends, even sharing his seat. Of course with the salmon and cheddar flowing freely, Thor was happy to make room.

He did finally get to go in the house. My cousins insisted. I made sure that Thor stayed in the main room as one of the people coming next week is allergic to dogs and I want to minimize Thor’s impact on the house. Thor seemed to feel quite at home.

Just after midnight, I bid good night to my hosts, and Thor and I settle in for the night. I, for the first time, sleep up in the camper top, Thor settled in downstairs in the back seat. I leave the sliding door open in case Thor wants to go pee or check things out or whatever. He won’t go far and we’re fairly removed from other houses.

At about 7AM I wake up. Thor is missing. I clap. I call out. I put on pants. I walk around. I go up to the house to see if he’s somehow convinced someone that he doesn’t belong in a van down by the river. I don’t see him there. Perhaps he’s convinced the two young ladies that he should keep them company, but I don’t want to wake them. College students are renowned for their prodigious ability to sleep, especially those returning from a trip to New Orleans for Mardis Gras.

I poke around a bit more, trying not to worry. “What if an alligator got him?” I think, pretty sure that there are not any alligators in the area. “I guess he’ll be back soon.”

Nearly two hours have passed. I have hooked a battery charger up to the battery. I have written a blog post about breaking down. I have switched from internet radio to the kind that just comes over the air. The battery appears to be fully charged. Still no Thor.

I go up to the house again. He has to be there. It’s just not like him to be away from me for so long, but then, Thor has never encountered an alligator. I get to the door to the deck, and there he is in the house. “Oh, hi. I was wondering where you were,” Thor says nonchalantly.

I check to see if any of the bedroom doors are open. They are not. I take Thor back outside and start the coffee. Thor is now checking things out around the house like I think he should. Every now and then I look to see that he’s in sight.

Just as the coffee is ready to pour, Thor comes back to the camper and hops up in the seat beside me.

Postscript. After the teens awoke, I inquired as to when it was that Thor had come into the house. “About 30 minutes after you went out to the camper.”

Thor convinced Chris that a camper was no place for a dog like him, so Thor slept in a proper bed. They heard me clapping and calling out for Thor (I was, after all, right under their room), but couldn’t rouse enough energy to let me know.

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4 Responses to Where is the poodle?

  1. toeuropewithkids says:

    You had me worried there! You can’t travel without Thor!

  2. Bonny says:

    This is funny. Our animals do get the better of us sometimes, don’t they?

  3. Little Tomato says:

    Clearly Thor thinks this is a hair-brained idea to sleep in a van when there is a perfectly good (and warm and comfortable) house nearby. I’m with Thor. 😉

  4. pfaffman says:

    @Sonja — I’m going to have to travel without Thor. It’s not Europe, but I’m headed to Ecuador to visit some cousins in June. I’ve decided not to drive. Thor and the camper will stay at my dad’s house.

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