What? A party? For me?

Out in front of my new friends’ house, I woke up pretty early. I turned on NPR and lounged in bed for a while. After a while I got up, put some clothes on and headed in to the house. I had a key, but when I arrived I found that the door was not a door. It was ajar.

Since my hosts had invited a stranger to their home, they prepared a special breakfast including home made scones. They were pretty tasty, as were the bacon and eggs that went with them.

H, the five year old in the family, made a Walden in his room. Just like my Walden, he explained, his has a sleeping bag, a hat, bungee cords, and a cooler. I was pretty flattered. At some point I should post a collection of such artist renderings of Walden.


For the morning, I hung out in the living room, getting stuff posted online. Around noon, the family went to an office picnic. Soon thereafter I took Walden back down the beach, found a parking place, and found a table at my friend’s favorite fish and chips place. I got the combo platter, slaw, and a lemonade. The total was nearly $20, about twice what I might have expected. It was tasty, though.


When I felt I’d been there long enough, I changed venues to an Irish pub place down the street where I sat outside and continued to clickety-clack until I got a text that my hosts were nearly home. Back at their place, I did what I could to help prepare for the party. I went and got ice (how nice it is to be able to walk to the corner for ice and other necessities) and toted a table to the back yard from the basement.

A while later friends from the neighborhood collected for a nice pot luck dinner, which included steak and freshly caught pink salmon among other delicious things.

It was a lovely party. Everyone was friendly, interesting, and welcoming. I cannot imagine words that would do it justice. I lead a charmed life.

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One Response to What? A party? For me?

  1. helen says:

    This post makes me miss Portland so much.  Once when I was in grad school I stopped by this little grocery store two blocks from my house to get milk.  I was on autopilot and walked past my car home which is how I normally went to the store (on foot) and went to bed.  The next morning my car was missing and I thought it had been stolen.  I called the police and my insurance company, took the bus to and from work and when I got home I told my roommate who laughed and said “no your car is at Kienows in the lot.”  I loved walking to the store, to the bakery, to the brew pub, to the
    Safeway six blocks away.  That is what I miss so much.  Oh and the community parties and potlucks.  We had a standing neighborhood Sunday night dinner.  Ugh.  I need to move I think :(   I’m glad you are having so much fun.  I miss the west coast..

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