Walden’s New Name Plate

I thought that Walden’s name should be prominently displayed, and his Westfalia letters after 25 years were getting ragged. I found a Westfalia image online and had a friend use that as a starting place to do a Walden. Here’s the Walden with the old Westfalia:

Walden, old Westfalia

The new Westfalia isn’t a perfect match. I’m not sure if the problem was the image I got from the internet or whether the people who cut the letters botched the aspect ratio when they resized it. Also, it appears that some of the edges are rounded and others have stark square cuts.

Almost just right

Look, an action photo:

pressing the letters on

And here it is. The same stuff is on the front, though it’s reversed, as Westfalia is on the left rear and the left front (or the right as you look at the front).

All done!

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