Walden goes to Walden

Since the bear had apparently licked the bacon grease out of the frying pan, I opted to clean it before using it to make breakfast. At the other end of Roosevelt National Forest was a little down called, wait for it, Walden, Colorado. Obviously, we had to go.

Speaking of have to go. I was in the forest. I didn’t know where I might find a trash can. There were no vault toilets in sight. It was time to use my fancy new trowel to make what people call a “cat hole.” While it’s OK for animals, except cats, I guess, to just poop in the woods, people are supposed to make it look like they didn’t. I followed the instructions that came with the trowel and dug a little hole. I poked the toilet paper down with a stick and covered it back up, as per the directions. I didn’t take a picture.

Not far down the road, a bunch of people were just pulled over on the road. Was it an accident? No, it was a freakin’ herd of mooses! Check it out!



Here’s a picture of me and the moose so that you won’t think I’m making it up. I thought that by now you would trust me more than that, but here you go: http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-eIgFmUHKKFE/TjCgkOWOhaI/AAAAAAAAA-U/U94KZ8NcqGA/s720/IMG_6009.jpg

OK, one more moose pic. http://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-ISOK2y17AF0/TjrIg8YcrzI/AAAAAAAABnY/gBXINNi8igY/s720/IMG_6060.jpg

There are a few more on this web album.

First a chipmonk, then a bear, and now these moose. It’s like I’m in nature or something.

Even just riding on to Walden, the views were pretty stunning.


Walden made it to Walden http://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-HnwNkBNRcBM/TjrI922LhYI/AAAAAAAABoc/TAhiW88W_Rk/s720/IMG_6129.jpg

I thought it might be cool to hang out in Walden (the town). I had been five nights in Walden (the camper) and hotel rooms seemed pretty cheap. I booked a little room in a hotel with wireless and power and running water. It wasn’t much, but it was pretty good to lay in bed for an afternoon.

Crappy room, great view http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-Oo4xsQ9T8EA/TjrJBlhSPRI/AAAAAAAABoo/nkrlk5VV9MQ/s512/IMG_6136.jpg

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