Thors Throne: The Poodle gets a custom-made seat

Thor really wants to ride in the front seat. He can fit there, but if I hit the brakes or take a quick right turn, he’s on the floor. The last (and only) time that happened, I was afraid the old man was going to need a hip replacement. Read on to see pics of Thor’s Throne.

As you may have heard, I cut a piece of plywood the other day. Today I finished sewing up a cover for a pillow case that holds some foam and the plywood. Here’s what goes inside the pillow. Yes, I even sewed in a zipper.

Inside Thor's throne

I attached some supports into these screws on the dash:

dash detaildash detail, expanded

Here it is without Thor:

Thor's Throne, sans Thor

Here he is resting comfortably. I think he’ll like riding here.

Thor on Throne

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5 Responses to Thors Throne: The Poodle gets a custom-made seat

  1. mymsie says:

    I drove from IN to MO with my pup last summer and this would’ve been PERFECT!

  2. Steven says:

    Thor has always said, that you are a most thoughtful pet.

  3. Little Tomato says:

    Found you via Mamapundit and am excited to watch your journey. So jealous!!

  4. SherryBW says:

    Damn, that’s one ugly dog !!!

  5. Keri says:

    Please buy this for Thor:

    Or at the very least something similar otherwise he will be going through the windshield. =/

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