Thor eats a catfish

I took some roads less traveled on the way to Pawley’s Island. At some point I decided that I’d not be finding a Rippy Mart to empty my bladder and fill my cup, so I just pulled over. Thor hopped out too. I looked over and saw Thor eating something. Here is what it was.

It is a catfish, just like I said in the title

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4 Responses to Thor eats a catfish

  1. dleetn says:

    Did Thor proceed to throw up after eating days-old catfish?

  2. jzzy55 says:

    My dog eats stuff like that too. My emergency vet bills prove it. I hope Thor didn’t get sick, or not too sick.


    You going to Ecuador? I went there in March. Bring dollar bills. I found it strange, but convenient, that their national currency is the US dollar.




  3. pwillow1 says:

    Ah, stinky dead fish!  What to do, what to do… eat it?  Roll in it?  Our family dog always seemed to choose the latter option. Not pleasant sharing a tent with a bowser doused in dead catfish eau de cologne. 

  4. jzzy55 says:

    not that this is anything new, but the magic formula is: one pint hydrogen peroxide; most of a box of baking soda; squirt of any kind of unscented detergent (dog shampoo, liquid soap are good). Make a slurry about the consistency of pancake batter. Wet down the dog. Massage the dog with the slurry for ten minutes. Gets rid of 99% of odors including skunk. I keep the peroxide & baking soda on hand because these emergencies tend to happen at inconvenient times (eg 6 am when dog let out to pee finds lurking skunk).





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