There was no bathing suit and no beach

After my motivational speaking engagement I had to rectify a serious problem. In culling my wardrobe for life in a van I somehow overlooked the fact that a bathing suit could be a handy thing to have.

At the direction of my host, I went to the uber-hip, local to Pawley’s Island, Surf The Earth. There I bought one of their custom-made suits. Being and old guy, I bought the most conservative pattern. They’re global too. They have people in China make their bathing suits.

Later that day, when the kids and Jon were out of school, we packed up and headed for the beach. Sadly, when we arrived it was near high tide, which meant that there was no beach. We had to turn around and go back home.

We had a tasty salmon dinner prepared on the dog-friendly back porch. Thor liked that. I got a couple of really good pictures of the resident dogs.

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