The Week of Sloth

I spent a week at my uncle’s house in the Los Angeles greater metropolitan area. I would like to tell you about going to the Walk of Fame and post the pictures of me miming on Charlie Chaplain’s star or playing guitar on George Harrison’s star and to regale you with the joy I experienced eating at Pink’s Hot Dogs. None of that happened. For the most part, I stayed at my uncle’s house and watched the two and a half seasons of Breaking Bad that I hadn’t seen already. Once I’d streamed all that were available I toyed with the idea of trying to download the next season via slightly nefarious means. Thankfully it was more trouble than I was willing to expend. Unfortunately, Netflix has a bunch of other stupid movies to watch. I watched
Skyline, which had been billed as one of the worst movies ever. The movie itself is fairly entertaining. The end, however, is completely unsatisfactory. I won’t list any more bad movies that I saw.

I also spent a bunch of time preparing a resume. As an academic, I have assiduously maintained my vita, but I haven’t had an up-to-date resume in about fifteen years. I read a book called So What Are You Going to Do with That?, that describes how an academic can pursue what the authors (obviously trained as academics) call a “postacademic” career. Here’s an interview with the authors. If you have or are pursuing a PhD and don’t have a tenure-track job, I recommend that you click on the above link and buy the book. It’s good to know that you might have other options and that, in spite of everything you learn in grad school, there exist legitimate and interesting ways to make a living outside of the academy. I think that at some point I will have to admit that living in a van is not among them.

I finished the resume. I applied for a few jobs, as academic jobs for next fall are starting to show up. In other news, I filed for unemployment.

At night when people returned home from their jobs, I’d help make a dinner and we would have a grand old time. I ate some tasty sushi.

At some point I became aware that I had gained five pounds in as many days and went running several days.

That was my trip to LA.

I don’t have any pictures, so you might check out the slow ass sloth video. That narrator is most famous for his piece on the Crazy Nasty ass Honey Badger. It’s stupid. If you’re my mom, you probably shouldn’t watch it. If you’re under 30, you probably think it’s hilarious, and probably saw it already.

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