The First Day of the Rest of My Life

The last three nights I’ve slept at a dear friend’s house. Staying at a friend’s house is not really living in a van.

Friday they took the furniture. I tried Really Hard to get everything out of The Rental. I failed. I wanted to sleep in Walden, but I had no propane (and it was cold) and no sheets, It seemed reasonable to stay at my friend’s house.

Saturday I tried again to get everything out of the rental. Again, I failed. I can’t even remember why now. I stayed with my friend again. In case you hadn’t noticed this is still not living in a van. It’s staying at a friend’s house. My friend was happy to have me, but this is still more like freeloading than living in a van.

Sunday arrived. Surely I could manage to get my stuff together by Sunday. I bought propane. I was (and remain) bemused and confused that my empty 3.2 gallon tank took only 0.7 gallons before the pump stopped. I can now make the stove (and presumably the furnace) work. I went to the laundromat. The sheets were clean. Still, when the evening came I couldn’t quite manage to stay in the camper. I think my excuse this time was that it was full of crap that was supposed to be somewhere else. Again I stayed with my friend, who by now had all rights to be charging rent an a portion of the utilities as I was assiduously soaking her electrons into every available battery. At this point, she gave me a set of keys so that I could use the shower or whatever. Nonetheless, I insisted on leaving the house when she left for work.

Today is Monday. The carpet cleaner came (he didn’t keep my card, so he doesn’t get a link, even though I was happy with the job; if you read this carpet cleaner, say so and I’ll give you a link to my HUGE AUDIENCE). I took stuff back to The University. I reclaimed my beloved metal ruler and some other stupid stuff from my desk. I initiated getting reimbursed for the New Orleans trip. I took yet another musical device to Morelock Music. I stopped for a beer. I’ll spare you the rest of the details, but I did it. I got everything out of The Rental. I met with the owner. He was happy. I made a couple more trips to get the bikes out and then I left the key in the kitchen drawer, locked the door and close it behind me.

Now I sit at the site of my old house. If you look at it right now you’ll see a satellite image taken sometime during the 2+ week window between the fire and when I had it hauled to a landfill. I’ve got to admit. It’s a little sad. It’s a nice night, though. If my auxiliary battery weren’t so dead, I might be listening to music now, but I think it’s about dead. Thor’s walking around the yard. I sit here typing.

Hey. Here’s Thor, he’s tired of the yard. He thinks it’s time for bed. I guess he’s right. I give him his medicine cleverly disguised in a pretzel nugget filled with peanut butter. Thor and I have a few more of them each because they’re really tasty. They are also a much better way to get Thor to swallow a pill than the dip-a-not-so-snappy-ginger-snap-in-organic-peanut-butter-and-drop-a-pill-on-it way that I had been giving him his Prednizone (which, BTW, I’m not that impressed with). Maybe I should shut the laptop and go to sleep.


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