The Big Rock

My path in the morning took me through Deadwood, a little touristy town that’s supposed to look like an old mining town. It’s kept afloat with gambling money.

I rode by this little mine and decided to do the tour. It was sort of fun. Unlike other underground adventures thus far, they let you take rocks with you. They even give you plastic bags to keep your stuff from getting dirty. I got a big one. Then I realized that I don’t really want a rock. I left it in a parking lot.

I had lunch in Sundance. It turns out that this little town of seven hundred some is not the one where they have the film festival. I don’t think there’s even one movie theater.

At the Devil’s Tower gate, the woman checking my pass and ID noticed that I was from Knoxville. She’s from Townsend. Devil’s Tower is pretty good.

I did the “hike” (read, walk just over a mile on a sidewalk) and then climbed up the boulders. They’ll let you boulder up to the base of the tower. I made sure that I had my knife in case I got trapped and needed to sever a limb in order to get back to the car.

I found my way to Gillette and landed in the Crazy Woman campground. This is not a commentary on the proprietor of the place, but instead an allusion to some local landmark.

Crazy Woman had wireless, power, and indoor plumbing. I hooked up the battery charger and tried to catch up on getting stuff posted.

I cooked steak for dinner. Talked to a couple bikers. Still trying to get better at talking to people.

Devil’s Tower photos

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