Stuff I did in Memphis

OK. I can’t really figure out how to do justice to all the other stuff that I did in Memphis, but it was now long ago, and I’m about to leave St. Louis, so I’ll have to just mention a few gems.

Speaking of gyms, I got to check out the new facility that the people at Crossfit Memphis have just set up. It’s really awesome. I didn’t get to work out there. I do have a picture of me doing a pull-up, but I’m afraid I’m too lazy to upload and link to it. If you’re in Memphis, you should check them out. My buddy Apolloswabbie is who to contact if you want private coaching on how to get started in CrossFit and, say, build your own garage gym on the cheap (e.g., he made me buy a $5 basketball and fill it with 12 pounds of sand), but if you want to work out with other people, which makes you work harder, since you’re surrounded by people working hard, this gym is worth a look.

I got to go to a shooting range and shoot some guns. I mostly shot a 22 revolver and a 22 semi-automatic pistol. The semi-auto was really fun. My friend took the kids, so we didn’t get to break out any of the big guns. Maybe next time.

I was on Channel 3 Live at 9 talking about the joys of losing a job, a house and living in a van. And then, they showed a picture of Thor and asked if anyone was traveling with me. That’s right, folks, and his dog died. It was pretty fun, actually. I’d done a little cooking spot on a station in Knoxville (it seems not to be on their site anymore), but being interviewed was kind of interesting. For example, the host spent over 15 minutes with me on the phone to plan our 5-minute interview, essentially having the interesting parts of the conversation again. Sadly, they don’t seem to have any video posted. You’ll have to take my word.

After that spot, or something, a woman from the I Love Memphis Blog contacted me via Twitter and wanted me to come meet her so she could take a photo for her blog. She actually has a full time gig blogging about how great Memphis is, which I think is really cool. We talked for a while. She gave me some tips about St. Louis. She took a picture of me in front of Walden. (I really need to post a picture of the bike on the front.) As far as I can tell, she may love Memphis, but she doesn’t love me. That is, I don’t see the picture on the blog.

After the Memphis blogger, I headed on up the road to Port Girardeau, Missouri. It looked pretty cool. I had a steak, and no potatoes, at what seemed like a pretty cool bar, but it was early and pretty empty. I called a local RV park that wanted $30 for the night. I considered doing the Wal-Mart thing, but something made me think that no overnight parking was allowed there (it appears now that I may have been wrong). At some point I suppose I’ll start paying to park, but I somehow just couldn’t deal, so I got back in the car and pushed on another 2.5 hours to St. Louis, well, actually to Chesterfield.

I rolled up to Chesterfield at about 9:00 PM to see a friend from my high school band whom I hadn’t seen since she graduated in 1981.

I’ll tell you about St. Louis Real Soon Now, I promise.

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3 Responses to Stuff I did in Memphis

  1. helen says:

    I love Memphis.  State parks are cheap to stay in and most of them have facilities.  There are even city parks, county parks and of course federal and BLM land to stay on when you get out west.   Just saying.   I guess I’m curious why you aren’t staying at them?  Is it a safety thing?

    Oh and “That’s right, folks, and his dog died.”  is really funny….

  2. Holli T. says:

    We live about an a hour and 20 mins west of Memphis in the fine city of Bolivar. I like Memphis – there is some good food to be had, and unless you wear ear plugs, you are going to hear good music.

    When you come back through, look us up. We have live music on the square on Friday nights at our downtown amphitheatre, and Tuesday nights are Open Mic nights at the same location. My husband owns the radio station (WMOD) and started a newspaper last year (The County Journal). We don’t have a brewery or winery, we are actually a dry county, but we can get Fat Tire at the Wal Mart. 😉 We have a driveway and two rooms and a bath upstairs available because my mother doesn’t want to live with us here in this very, very small town.

    Sorry to read about Thor. I am enjoying reading of your journey.


  3. Jason Jenkins says:

    Hi Jay!

    Long time lurker, first time commenter here.  I found your picture on the I Love Memphis site (well, in her photostream at least).  I think you’re right on the not loving you part though.  She goofed up you rname!

    Safe Travels!


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