This is decidedly not an adventure

A friend asked yesterday “Well, how does it feel now that you don’t have stuff to do?”

“I’m not there yet” was my reply.

Yesterday I learned that I did indeed miss my final appointment with my shrink because of the tree-on-the-car incident, forwarded my mail, started moving data from my server at the office elsewhere, canceled insurance on the Subaru, dropped some shirts at an embroidery place, looked fruitlessly in three places for some netting to cover the side door, forwarded my university email, sold my last vinyl LP (the rest were destroyed in the fire) for over $4, bought one of those things that you hang on your door to store shoes in (it’s going to get cut up and mounted on the face of the bench seat, and another up front somewhere to store glasses), dropped by the eyeglass place to learn that they couldn’t make my glasses because the eye exam place learned that I don’t really have insurance to cover eye exams, took $90 to the eye exam place, had a nail removed from the tire (no patch needed!), re-sent the art to the t-shirt printer who’d lost it in a computer disaster, found that there are four library books that seem to have been lost in the fire and contemplated buying a fuel pump to have on hand.

I also learned that I have no idea where the Netflix DVDs are; I can’t find the hard drive I thought I’d copied my university computer to; the auxiliary battery won’t hold a charge, which apparently means that the furnace won’t light (I think this explains why I was able to put only .7 gallons of propane into the tank, though); and I don’t know where the battery charger for the new camera is. Today I’ll try to chip away on that list and get a haircut and go to two meetings.

In other words, I’m still doing pretty much all the normal things that normal people do every day. And last night it was cold, so I slept at a friend’s house. It would seem that I’m more of a couch surfer than a van liver.

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3 Responses to This is decidedly not an adventure

  1. Ruberg says:

    I think Che said the same thing when he was getting ready for his trip !

  2. Sharon says:

    Hi Jay –When we made screens for our Honda Element, we cut out pieces from a dining fly and used ductape to connect it to magnetic strips.  Maybe that would work for you!

  3. pfaffman says:

    I’ll check that out. My primary goal is to be able to leave the door open so that Thor can stay cool without making people uncomfortable thinking that he’ll leap out and eat them. I did end up buying some nylon screen, so keeping bugs out could be an added benefit.

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