ReUnion: Bunches of Busses

I found my way from Union to the Catherine Creek State Park. I knew I was headed the right way since I was being followed by another Vanagon Westfalia. I pulled in and saw a bunch of campers. I was in the right place, alright.

The first night lots of folks came around to say hello and were generally quite friendly. I was visiting with one couple just as dinner was ready and the next thing I knew I had a tasty hamburger in my hand.

The next day I did a little tour and took a few camper pics. I even managed to unload a couple of t-shirts. Here’s a picture of Eric (I hope I got his name and spelling correct!) putting a new tent in a fellow Wet Westies’s camper. He looks surprisingly happy.

Saturday night there was a pot luck and a big campfire and a good time was had by all. There were a couple folks there playing ukulele that gave me a new respect for the instrument. One guy did a fantastic version of Minnie the Moocher, which I really loved. I too played a number of songs which seemed to be well received. It was a good night of music.

After the bulk of the crowd retired to their respective campers, I was among the few light night folks at the campfire. For reasons that are not entirely clear, it became a really good idea to TP the camper of the guy who organized the event. At some point his wife came out of her camper (it turns out they brought two), acknowledged what was transpiring, and went back to bed.

When the morning came around, folks started packing up. I went and hung out at the campfire while toilet paper was re-rolled and removed from the camper. Eventually I too packed everything up and headed out.

In an email I saw a day or two later I read someone’s reflection of the event which lamented that the initiation ceremony for the newbies had been over looked and that it “just didn’t seem right those newbies missed Lorens VW branding iron.” I’m not sure whether to be relieved or disappointed.

My Pictures from the ReUnion are on the Picasa, as per usual. Here are Liz’s Pictures, and here are someone else’s (name withheld to protect the innocent).

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