Push to New Orleans


Thor and I slept well thanks to the soft purring of the furnace. In preparing to walk Thor to breakfast I learned that I apparently left his leash at the office. And somehow, I’d decided that, space constraints being what they are, carrying extra leashes was out of the question. Thor waited in Walden rather than being tethered outside Sneaky Pete’s hot dogs.


I started the day visiting family and an extended visit to Verizon. I’d written about my time there and communication with multiple phone companies, but when I read it, it was as boring as, well, a trip to Verizon.  According to Google Latitude, it was about 1:30 when I finally got on the road. I’m not sure if Google noticed, but I got a couple miles away when my father called (good thing I got his phone working!) to ask whether his computer was in my car. Yes. It was. I can never make a clean getaway. I didn’t get to New Orleans until 8:30. It was like a forced march. I didn’t like it. I considered just stopping somewhere and taking an extra day for the trip, but I pushed on. I think I need to impose some max number of hours, miles, or fill-ups in a day. Traveling will be fun when there are no destinations.
I wasn’t sure what it would be like to try to boondock in New Orleans, and through Facebook I noticed that a friend whom I hadn’t seen since before I left San Francisco had moved to New Orleans just a few days earlier. She said that it’d be safe to park on her street. Sure enough, it seemed like Walden would not attract much attention, especially parked in front of the vehicle pictured here. After all, it is New Orleans.

Walden looks normal in New Orleans

(Editor’s note: Are you wondering just what “boondocking” is? Apparently in the RV community, it started out meaning parking out in the wilds where there are no hook-ups, but it has come to mean stealth parking in Walmart parking lots and the like. Since Walden is considerably smaller even than a typical SUV, it’s a bit easier to find such places than it is for a 40 foot coach.  Actually, just what counts as boondocking is a topic of heated debate for those with enough spare time to discuss it. For more info than you possibly could want, see boondocking.org, sure to appease those interested in etymology.)


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