When I was a kid my grandmother and uncle took a trip out west in my grandmother’s VW bug. I remember stories about their going to the petrified forest, so I went. It’s pretty wild. A bunch of trees got turned into rocks, then the sandy soil around them got washed away, leaving all of these tree-like rocks all over the place.

It’s pretty cool that these whole trees are just sitting out there after many thousands of years.

The word is that the park loses something like a ton (that is, 2000 pounds) of rock every month. The fact that all these rocks are just sitting out makes it pretty tempting to want to take some home. I did not take this rock. I took a picture.

Outside the park you can buy petrified rocks. Or you might, if the people selling them were there. I was tempted to grab a couple from the piles that they had sitting out, but honesty prevailed.

They had piles of the stuff.

Route 66 is a very special thing to lots of people. Lots of it is pretty sad as it comprises a bunch of stuff that is old, decrepit, and shut down. Here is a picture of Walden and an old car that somehow symbolizes the magic of Route 66.

I got a bunch more Petrified Forest pics. They’re pretty cool.

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