Parking on the street in Seattle

This was my first day alone in quite a while. I’d had Little Bird and Ox with me for ten days, and after that I was staying with friends in Portland, and then with the strangers crazy enough to invite me into their home, and yesterday with another “fan” who was following my blog. At least that was how I felt. As it turned out, though, I wasn’t that alone, or at least not that much.

When I awoke, walked across the street to Noelle’s house and negotiated the gate and went in to the door she’d left unlocked for me. “Honey, I’m home!” I said, to alert this woman whom I’d met just the day before that a guy who lives in a van was again in her midst. She giggled from the bedroom and was in the living room by the time I evacuated my bowels and the bathroom she was in the living room interacting with her iPad.

We chit-chatted, exchanged silly things people had found on the web, blogged, and so on for a few hours before I finally got hungry and decided that I should go find some Dim Sum. She contacted a local dim sum expert and came up with a couple of suggestions. There was one in Chinatown that sounded good, but there was another that was much closer that won my vote. I thanked her for her hospitality and headed out.

When I arrived at Bamboo village it didn’t look like much, but there was a sign that said dim sum. They seemed to have wireless access, which was promising. It was small and there weren’t many people, so it was pretty clear that there weren’t going to be steaming carts of deliciousness rolling around. They gave me a piece of paper to indicate what I wanted, like you might get at a sushi bar, and a menu with pictures of the various offerings. I scribbled down some stuff and before long it appeared that the table. I missed having a cart rolling by and gesticulating, but the food was pretty good. I also missed having another person or to there so that I could have half of twice as many dishes, but such is the life in a van.

They did have wifi connection. It was protected with a 12 digit password, but they gave it to me and after I consumed the victuals I got something posted. My fortune cookie proclaimed: “You will be successful in romance.” I posted to the Google+ that it seemed unlikely that I would be successful in romance, to which someone replied that people so often define success as what they are not. Yeah, whatever. The data that I have from nearly three months living in a van suggest that the intersection of females who think that living in a van is cool and the set of women who would consider a romantic encounter with a guy who is in his late forties is very near the empty set. Another interpretation has to do with “will.” That fortune is true if I let will comprise the next ten years rather than the next ten days. Whatever. It’s just a cookie.

After considerable contemplation of the cookie I decided that it was time to move on. I wanted a nap, but instead found a used book store and pointed Walden that way. At the bookstore I sold a couple of audiobooks I’d bought used in Knoxville and in trade got a book about road trips.

I ended up going back to Brouwer’s cafe where I found a parking place on the street. It was a light industrial area and it seemed like quite a safe place to park for the night. I went down to Brouwer’s, had a beer, some mussels and frites, and headed back home for a fairly early night. I watched a bunch of episodes of Entourage before finally going to sleep.

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  1. Noelle says:

    Apparently, Bamboo Village has college football on Saturdays too!

    They have WiFi, University of Washington football and Dim Sum. WINs all around!! For me, anyway.

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