Out with the old, in with the new

Moving in to a camper is surprisingly like moving in to a house. One difference is that when said house is 85 square feet, renovations are even more inconvenient. I did manage to get the furnace and new propane tank installed. I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t leak. I’m going to keep my spray bottle of soapy water around just a little bit longer. Sometimes it smells a bit funny. Maybe it’s Thor. Maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s an explosion waiting to happen.

As part of the furnace install, I removed the refridgerator. Once I did, I saw that it occupied a considerable amount of space, much of which was lost to its inefficient cooling system. I’m thinking that I’m not going to put the fridge back in the camper. I have ordered the insanely expensive GoWesty.com “Fridge Elimination Kit.” I was tired of taking trips to the hardware store. I think this might save me several, so I’m paying them my money.

A benefit of removing the fridge was that it made it easier to install new water lines. “Didn’t the camper have water lines already?” you might ask? Yes, but when they were installed they were clear like the new ones, not black, like the ones I removed.

It's not too soon to replace these

I also noticed that the fire extinguisher looked a little old. I turns out that it was dated 1985, the year that Walden was born. I decided that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to replace it with a newer fire extinguisher that I had purchased some time in the past year (and apparently looted from my old house, post fire).

It’s really pretty, and it has a gauge that tells you whether it thinks it might be able to put out a fire. I’m mildly alarmed that one might catch his or her kneed on is while stepping in to the van, but I am hoping that it might not be as big a problem as I might imagine.


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