Out of the mouths of babes

These are actual quotes from children in Pawley’s Island, as recounted by parents.

Seeing that Thor did not try to barge into the house, my hostess commented on Thor’s good manners. Daughter: “Mom, did you know that Thor broke into the neighbors house and ate all their cat food?”

“That van’s still there, Daddy. The man sure got a lot of liquor in there.” A, 11yo

“I said ‘Momma, why’d you give him a key!?'” N said to Irene, a neighbor who as driving him home from school. After a few minutes of his continued expression of concern about having a complete stranger parked in front of his house, she said “If you’re uncomfortable, lock the door.” “Miss Irene, HE’S GOT A KEY TO THE HOUSE!”

“Momma’s not too happy about this man parked in the street.”

“Momma, you know we had the hobo speak at chapel?”
“Mmm hmm.”
“It was interesting to say the least. He said he was his own grampa”

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