One Month In

Today marks one month that I have been without an immovable domicile. I’m a bit behind in my story-telling. I think soon I’ll return to chronicling my return from Pawley’s to Columbia to Knoxville, where I resumed moving stuff in and out of storage, the week in Birmingham, where Thor pooped in a vet’s office on two separate visits.

Presumably not every day will be worthy of posting, so I may as well save some good stuff, right?

Now, I am in Quito, Ecuador, but Google thinks I’m in Washington, DC, where Google last knew my hosts to live. Google thinks it’s so smart storing all those MAC addresses, but not this time.

It’s been an interesting month, but living in a van still doesn’t seem quite real. Much of the time I’ve been surrounded by friends or family or knew that I would be soon. In other words, it’s sort of like I have just been on vacation.

When I return to Walden, I’ll again be headed back to Knoxville to see a doctor (while I still have health insurance), so it’ll still be a while before I am truly at loose ends, having only the open road ahead.

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  1. Katie Allison Granju says:

    My Google Latitude still says you’re in Knoxville. I know it’s a lie, but still, I look at the screen, and it makes me happy :-)

    xo – kag

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