Oil Leak

Walden and I ambled on down through the redwoods. Where there was a sign that offered the opportunity to drive through a tree we knew that we had to do it. I paid the ten bucks and on we went! I was a little concerned that he might be too tall, but we made it through. I got someone to take a few pictures as we went through. Given that I failed to show her how the zoom worked, she did a spectacular job.

Also at the same tree place they had a couple of redwoods that had been carved in to playhouses. They were pretty sweet. You should check out the other pictures. You can see my photographer friends too.


I noticed Walden’s oil light flickered on. This is not good. I pulled over and his oil was very, very low. Had I failed to check it the last time I’d stopped for gas? Yes, I thought so, but it still shouldn’t be this low. Something was wrong. I stopped again a while later to pour in some more. I saw a couple on bikes who was just finishing up their lunch. They were on their way to New Orleans. You should check out their blog Two Wheels to the Big Easy. They were on two bikes, so it’s really four wheels, but I didn’t correct them. Until now, I guess.

Just a bit further down the road I stopped again to check the oil. It was very low and I was out of oil. There was a guy there who was talking to some people and pointing to a map on the side of his van. Upon closer inspection and conversation I learned that he’s working his way to Uruguay. He’s taking it a bit slow. He spent a year in the arctic, for example. Sadly I seem to have misplaced his blog’s address.


I spent the rest of the day fretting about how much oil I was leaking. There weren’t many places to buy oil, which made it more complicated. By the end of the day I found my way to Huckleberry campground, made a couple of trips around the place to pick out a spot and settled in for the night.

There are a few more pictures from the Redwood Forest.


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