Oh, Atlanta!

I rolled into my friend D’s driveway at about 6:00. I’d managed to talk to D briefly before my phone battery completely died and he said he was close behind. I found the front door unlocked and walked on in, calling for J, D’s wife, but got no response. Finally, I heard kids down in the basement and they came up to check out Walden. They’d been following our progress and were excited to meet Walden in person.

I’d popped the top and just about finished giving the kids the tour when J pulled up. “So you’re really doing this,” she said in disbelief. After parking the car she checked out out Walden, shaking her head all the while (or maybe I just imagined that).

“Can I offer you a glass of wine?” I asked? She seemed a bit confused, but she indicated the affirmative. “Red or white?” I probed. I never get tired of this. People mistake Walden for a car, where it would be wildly inappropriate to have a full bar, but this is my home. I generally have a selection of wines, beers, and a small array of distilled spirits.

J introduced me to neighbors passing by. I gave them business cards and suggested that they visit the web site. I offered a couple of them glasses of wine, but got no more takers.

I’d hoped to find a Trader Joe’s approaching their house, but didn’t manage to. I went to a grocery store in hopes of finding flowers, but this being the day after Mother’s Day, things were pretty picked over. I got some skirt steak and a six pack of beer. The woman in front of me said that this was clearly a man’s grocery visit.

D arrived and got his tour. He was decidedly more impressed with the notion of camper life than was his bride. He fired up the grill and whipped up some marinade for the meat.

While dinner was being prepared J used my head to hold a headband while she glued ears on it. See the intensity on her face? I was not much better at sitting still than a fourth grader might have been. I was similarly admonished.

Sitting still

The end result was stunning.


After dinner, which was quite delicious, we played guitar for a good while, keeping the kids up a bit later than usual. We got pushed out to the back porch and continued playing until I broke a string.

They insisted that Thor and I sleep downstairs. I was reluctant to break my streak of sleeping in the camper, but Thor was cool with it, so I gave in.

In the morning I hung out with J who was working feverishly to schedule tennis camps and all manner of things for her four (count’em four!) kids for the summer. I tried to get the Bell Buckle Photos edited and uploaded (obviously with limited success since it took until Friday to get them posted).

I was going to go for a run. I was all set. I was dressed. I had these cool new headphones to try out. And then I realized that my cell phone battery was dead. Knowing that there was no point in running if I could not listen to music, know how far, or even how long I’d run, I opted to just take a shower instead. Worse still, I haven’t seen those ear buds since I left, so I must have shoved them in the couch cushions or something.

When I did finally manage to leave town, I headed what turned out the be the wrong way before I got the map app working. And what did I see as I made the u-turn but a Trader Joe’s! I bought some lace cookies, a couple bulbs of fennel, and some lilies. It took great restraint not to buy a case of Two-Buck Chuck (I think it was really $2.78 Chuck, but I’m not one to quibble). I already had too much liquid in Walden who is not so good at maintaining proper cellar temperatures.

We hit the road and headed for South Carolina.

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4 Responses to Oh, Atlanta!

  1. trena says:

    I love that you keep a stocked bar in Walden. I shouldn’t be surprised by this.

  2. John Kearley says:


    Thanks for sharing your adventure.

    Best, John

  3. Charles B. Naumann says:

    I do wonder about the legality of have a stocked bar in a motor vehicle.


  4. pfaffman says:

    Hopefully if said containers are in locked cabinets, they aren’t open?

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