News from the Cruise

I had envisioned a very exciting piece about a place for everything and everything in its place, but the associated photography and uploading of the pics is more than I can handle right now. Suffice it to say that it is highly frustrating to live in 85 square feet and NEVER be able to find anything. I have made considerable headway in having a place for everything, which is a good first step to being able to put things in said places. Read on for some other reflections.

I have done some prodigious wiring, adding an outlet to the main cabin and one in an interstitial space where I have also mounted a router that the Squeezebox touch and the Squeezebox radio can share so that I can play music from the hard drive mounted under the dash shelf in places other than the camper. I’m especially excited that I have contrived to get the Wifi signal from my phone’s hotspot and re-broadcasted on the WIFI signal.

I managed to get the auxiliary battery installed. It seems to be good for about one night, though I suppose I could try pushing to a second night. There’s no problem with running it down since the main battery can still be used to start the engine. I suppose I need to get a trickle charger so that the battery isn’t drained with lights and the sound system when I do have the luxury of shore power (that’s what the Camper People call it when you plug an extension cord into the camper’s 110v electric system). The question I have now, though, is do I drop $650 plus shipping on a solar charger? It’s uber-cool and lets you do stuff like park in the shade and put the panel out somewhere in the sun. I love the idea of it, but if I run the engine, like to go to the store or to see some local point of interest, the battery will get charged. Perhaps I should wait until I see whether I’ll actually be somewhere for a period of days when I don’t want to drive.

I don’t like being cold. I think I’m going to have to just go for the Propex HS2000 furnace. If I were camping, it might seem superfluous, and at $750 wildly extravagant, but I don’t like the idea of living in a house that even in a moderate climate like San Francisco could dip into the 50s (that’s the low teens for those of you who live in places who have managed to use the centigrade scale). It even has a proper thermostat, so you can set it and forget it.

I’m very happy that the bass is bompin’. I’ll endeavor to provide pics Real Soon Now.

I’ll have to figure out clothes. I think I’ll need to have some kind of summer/winter system in which some stuff gets stored in inconvenient places when I’m in a warm or cold clime.

It’s a drag to put the tent down when it rains. I think I’ve got to go for the Wasser-Stopper rain fly. It’ll also add a bit of warmth.

Do I get the solar panel?

I don’t think you can talk me out of it, but does the furnace seem like a good idea?

Let me know what you think. Oh, and my publicist admonished me for requiring people to create an account in order to be able to comment, so I’ve removed that restriction. Paranoid of spam, I still require a CAPTCHA, which she says is still too big a barrier to entry. I’d ask you what you think about that, but only those who don’t think it’s a hassle will respond. Maybe I’ll see about other spam systems Drupal 7 has sometime soon.

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6 Responses to News from the Cruise

  1. rowanoak says:

    I think what you are doing is absolutely awesome. Wish I had the nerve to do it myself (except I hate driving and am claustrophobic). I wish you the very best on your travels.

  2. MrsK says:

    I linked over from ‘your publicist’ and have to say that this trip sounds exciting! Get the furnace. Hold off on the solar panel for now. U can always get it later. I am looking forward to a guest post from Thor and his kitty after you get moving along!

  3. pfaffman says:

    Thanks Rowanoak. I wish I’d had the nerve to do it at 17, 27, or 37, but now here I am at 47. Better late than never. I don’t know about the root of your aversions to driving, but driving a slow old camper is surprisingly peaceful.

    — Jay

  4. pfaffman says:

    Yeah. I too was thinking that it wouldn’t be that difficult to add the solar panel at a later date if I decide that it’s worth the trouble, but what if I decide that 2 days in to a stay in somewhere remote and really fantastic? What then?



  5. bopper says:

    I would say buy whatever you need to make things not annoying for yourself…so a furnace so you will actually want to get out of bed. If you dread getting up many mornings, then what will the odds be on you having a successful trip?

    For the solar panel…I would wait and see if that is something that you end up needing.

  6. Melissa Brenneman says:

    –“honeypot” referring not to you, but to the Captcha alternative. I prefer solving a math equation to answering Captchas. Remove the text format option (too much information; just enforce your choice on us and don’t tell us, we’ll figure it out) so that honeypot is directly under the comment entry box.

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