News Flash (to me): I’m not in a hurry

With help from Google Maps, I’d planned a seven day trek to Ft Collins, CO (Nashville, Memphis, St. Louis were the notable stopping points). There’s a beer festival in Ft. Collins next Friday, so that seemed like a good target. When I rolled in to the driveway of a couple whom I haven’t seen in years and he said “How long you staying?” it suddenly seemed pretty silly to dash off in the morning. I think Ft. Collins can wait. I’m pretty sure that I can find enough beer to drink in Ft. Collins even without a festival.

I had to call back my friend in Memphis to let him know that it’d be Sunday at the earliest, in spite of my plans two hours previously. This morning I got a message from him that he’d take a day off work to hang out. Flattered, I told him that I could stay in Memphis for a while and that if Monday wasn’t a good day to play hooky, Tuesday would work.

This morning I re-packed my clothes into their Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes. [Note: If you click that link, and buy one, I get a cut. Amazon deals in sales, not clicks. If you buy something, they’re pretty sure they’re getting their money, so I can tell you that these travel cubes are awesome for keeping stuff organized in small spaces and encourage you to buy some. I have four or five of them.] I was concerned that I’d seen neither my shorts nor the big cube that, before I left for Ecuador, contained my winter things (which I took to Ecuador). Lo! I found the cube and I’d put my shorts in there! I had no idea that I was so organized.

With my new-found time on my hands, I thought I’d take a look at the Lonely Planet USA guide that I’d bought used using store credit that some friends gave me. The store credit was a result of Fly Lady. As I understand it, it, and the companion web site provides a good way to de-clutter your house if you don’t want to follow the burn-the-house-down method that I used.

Doing travel planning is new for me. Historically I have done very little in the way of travel planning. I was married to a woman who was very good at finding cool things to do wherever we went. It was a division of labor that worked well. The most I’d ever done is read a copy of, Access Access Seattle 6e for example to see where it was that we were going.

A few years ago I went on a couple week car trip with a woman. In the weeks preceding the trip, she was very frustrated that I would not do my share of the up-front planning and decision making. She seemed a little more frustrated when I tried and they weren’t the things that she wanted to do.

Now I won’t have anyone to blame but myself.

I think one of my plans will be to try to hit every brewery that I can, even Budweiser in St. Louis (see, that Lonely Planet USA is already paying off!). I’m somewhat annoyed that New Belgium’s tours are all booked for the time I’m planning to be nearby. I’m hoping that I can sneak in on a tour where people no-show. I also hope to do wineries once I get out to CA. I’ve also got my eye on VW clubs.

In the foreseeable future, I’m headed to Memphis, St. Louis, and then to Colorado. Are there things to do or people to see in those places, or those in between them that I shouldn’t miss?

I may even have to re-think the two beer festivals in Portland that I’d sort of planned to hit a month from now.

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2 Responses to News Flash (to me): I’m not in a hurry

  1. Karen says:

    St Louis is more than just Budweiser! If you like micro-breweries, try Schlafly, you can take a tour there (although I believe only Fri, Sat, Sun). I am, sadly, computer illiterate so I can’t send a link to their website but it is schlafly. com.

    A couple of newer microbreweries are Square One Brewery (1727 Park Ave, 63104) and Six Row Brewing Co (3690 Forest Park Ave, 63108) – this one is located in an old Falstaff brewery.

    Don’t wait for California to visit wineries! Missouri has some excellent wineries. Near St Louis, along Hwy 94 in St Charles county, you will find some gorgeous places & some mighty fine wine. Chandler Hill Winery is my favorite but there are many to choose from, including Montelle, Sugar Creek, Balducci, Mt Pleasant, Blumenhoff – OK, I’ll stop now but there are many more. They are all very scenic, especially beautiful at this time of year. My daughter & I did a wine-hop across the state last year, great fun.

    I hope you enjoy your trip to St Louis!



  2. tallnoe says:

    Don’t skip Portland all together – it’s SUPER!!

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