My New House

I picked up the camper yesterday. A friend of my mother was in town and she gave me and a friend a ride to Birmingham. After a tour of Birmingham hot dog establishments, we hit the road back to Knoxville. The thing drives great, a bit slower than I’m accustomed to driving, but remarkably quiet, I thought. The windshield is really big and you get really good views. The headlights are noticeably brighter than those in the old Subaru.

Today I had a chance to check it out, open the cabinets, pop the top up and down, turn the seats around, set up the table, and take some pictures. I then spent a fair amount of time looking for a few things that I’m obviously going to need, like a new top (here is a discussion about which one to get. I considered sewing my own for a few minutes until I read how hard they are to install (e.g., you need 2-3 friends to help and it takes 4-9 hours).

It also needs a new bumper, which I knew. I am tempted by this insanely expensive one, though I think I should settle for something a bit more like this one..

Last night I ordered a new JVC Arsenal KD-AHD69 CD Receiver. It was one of only two units that Crutchfield had that comes with a Bluetooth phone kit. A few years ago I bought another unit that had built-in Bluetooth support from them and have been really happy with it. One might think that such would be expensive, but the one I got then was only $150 and they have this cool deal where you can pay something like $80 and take it to a local installer. The one I went to (Sounds of Joy on Broadway) did a great job, and it was less than half what it would have cost at Best Buy. Also, the installer there was very good and had been doing it for 10 years. Unlike my Subaru, which required taking lots of plastic off the dash, the install in the Westy should be pretty simple. If you are looking to buy a car stereo, I highly recommend Crutchfield. If you buy from them and enter this code in on the check out page pw1kc-jjre9-i260d, they’ll give each of us $20.

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