Moving into a Camper is still, well, moving

Friday is the day that The People come and take away all of the televisions, beds, towels, sheets, and other such stuff from The Rental. I’ve moved pretty many times. I used to be pretty good at it. I knew how to buy boxes, make sure that stuff got put in them, was aware that the devil is in the details–all the little stuff. Somehow I thought I was in pretty good shape. I just burned the house down, I don’t really have any stuff, that’s why I’m moving into a camper, right?

I’d rented a 5×10 foot storage unit and figured that I was good to go. I’d make a couple trips over in Walden, let my buddy Chris take my guitars to his climate controlled house, and I’d be all set.

My mom and aunt offered to come up to help get things in order. It seemed fine to me. There wasn’t that much to do, but I thought it’d be OK for them to come visit for a couple of days. As the time of their arrival neared, things started looking a little less ready. I thought that maybe I should, say, get dishes in the dishwasher, maybe try to get some of the clothes off the floor in the closet. I packed a couple boxes of books and took them to to storage unit. Things were looking good.

As it turned out, I failed to take into account the fact that my house burned down just over six months ago. I had, for example, 5 toolboxes that hadn’t been gone through. All of them had rusting tools in them. A couple contained standing water.

And then there were all of the instruments I’d acquired. For a while just after the fire when I felt sad I would instead of, say, getting an ice cream cone, I bought a guitar. As a result, I had a couple that there was just no good reason to keep. Thursday I’d managed to take a couple of them down to Morelock Music. Mr. Morelock actually gave me some money for them. It was considerably less than I’d paid for them, but cash is lots easier to store than guitars. Now you have the opportunity to go to his store and give him money for a guitar that spent nearly half a year in The Rental.

Mom and Joyce, said “A 5×10?” No. We went to the storage unit and switched to a 10×10. I think I could have squeezed everything into a 5×10, but I’d have to take everything out to find anything. This is probably a $20/month well spent.

I’d intended to provide a list here of all the stuff that my mom and aunt did this weekend, like cleaning all the tools with a toothbrush and WD40, and taking all of the pictures that had been salvaged to have them re-matted and/or framed, or cleaning the mold from my childhood blocks with bleach water so that it won’t come back, or polishing candle sticks, or another friend coming over and helping me decide what clothes will go to Walden and boxing up the rest, but it’s still all a blur.

We did an insane amount of work, but I’m still a little scared about actually getting done by Saturday.

And the I intended to edit this a bit better before I posted it,but the next post needs to be posted very soon, and it’ll make a bit more sense with this one already posted, so hopefully in an hour or so I’ll have it posted.

Just to give you an idea, I have no power and no way to get out of The Rental’s driveway. Film at 11.

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