Making the Move to WordPress

A few weeks ago I switched from Drupal to WordPress. They are both ways that a Normal Person can create web sites. I started using Drupal in about 2004. Compared to editing static HTML pages, Drupal was really fantastic. If that site were still up, I’d link to some of the posts that I made about how great Drupal was. It’s incredibly flexible. It’s also pretty hard to make changes to and feels a little clunky. I used Drupal to create (yes, apparently no one has been to a party recently).

I’m not quite sure what prompted me to switch to WordPress when I did, but I’m really glad that I made the move. I even paid someone to move my data from Drupal to WordPress, which is pretty surprising; I am pretty good with SQL and the like.

One of the things that I like most about WordPress is that I can post directly from Emacs, the One True Editor. You probably don’t care that you have to take your hands off of home row to move your cursor, not to mention move words around or get the spelling corrected, but for me, if I’m writing more than about twenty words, I feel trapped at a word processor. I can write stuff in Org and then post directly to WordPress using org2blog. I can even do stuff like choose categories, tags, and set the posting date right in Emacs. It’s a thing of beauty. If you don’t understand why, I’m sure I can’t convince you, but if you use Emacs and publish on the web, you should check out org2blog.

Oh, and if you’re a Normal Person and have an Android phone (or probably even an iPhone) there is also an app that makes it really easy to make posts and post images and videos and the like. It’s pretty sweet.

WordPress is easy enough that a Normal Person can, for example, set up a web site to raise money for a museum. You can either install WordPress on your own site (it’s pretty easy), or use it on, where they do all the work for you, which is fine if you don’t mind having in your URL.

I’m also planning to use WordPress to set up a site for a business that I’m planning to start, but it’ll be a while before that gets posted here.

Yes, more of the hobo story is coming soon.

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