Life in the Suburbs

When we left off, gentle readers, Walden was dead on the street, and I was thinking that the Wynkoop Brewery might be my new home. The only catch was that I had to put two dollars in the meter every two hours. The sign said that Walden had to move at least one hundred feet every two hours. The first time I went out to put more money in the meter, Walden cranked right up. I opted to just leave him there, hoping that the ticket-giving people weren’t really going to notice that he had been there for more than two hours. That part of the plan worked out just fine.

A while later, I received on my handheld device a communique from a friend I have’t seen since I left San Francisco in 2003. She now lives in Denver, or more correctly, in Aurora. She invited me over, and as lovely as it was to be parked 70 feet from Wynkoop Brewery, I thought I’d take a trip out to the suburbs. Walden made it there without incident.

At this point I started living the suburban life–going to parties and children’s sporting events, and taking short trips in Walden in an effort to regain my confidence in him. It’s not really working, though. I made a forty minute trip into the REI Flagship Store in Denver and Walden died on the way back home. It was only about a fifteen minute bike ride from the house, but just as I was about to pull the bike off the front, I gave Walden once more chance. He started up and I drove on back to my friend’s place.

A couple days I watched movies. Double features. The problem with the double feature is that the people who schedule movies don’t necessarily time them for you to be able to see two consecutive movies with minimal wait time. I was sort of interested in Bad Teacher, Larry Crowne, and Bridesmades. On the first day, however, I could find no good way to get two of those in, so I ended up with Bad Teacher and Super 8. The other big problem is that when you buy the $5.25 drink– the one that’s the size of a small garbage can–and refill for free it after the first show, there is almost no way to make it through the second film without having to take another bathroom break.

I’m not much of a movie critic, but since I mentioned the movies, I feel obligated to provide one.

Bad Teacher was the typical gold-digging-hottie-thinks-she-wants-a-rich-guy-but-falls-in-love-with-the-nice-guy formula, combined with the also-popular teachers-are-losers formula.

Day Two of Movie Madness, I was joined by a friend of the friend I’ve been staying with; she’d just come in from Florida. We saw Bridesmades, then the first half of Bad Teacher, and then on to Larry Crowne. I think it might have been better to see half of Cars 2, but there was no way to time that. My movie partner is a teacher, so she had passing interest in Bad Teacher, and since the ending is fairly well telegraphed in the first fifteen minutes, she didn’t feel like she was missing much to skip out in the middle.

Of the four, Larry Crowne was the crown jewel, not only because it was a more interesting story, but also because to me Julia Roberts is hotter than Cameron Diaz.

Walden made the movie trip both days without incident.

Meanwhile, I looked for mechanics and Posted to about my engine woes. Within about twelve hours I had three responses, all with what seemed like pretty good ideas that seem relatively cheap and easy to accomplish. When I finally made telephonic contact with the mechanic with had the best reviews, he said that he was booked up for several months and gave me a few other names. I talked to one of them Tuesday (who also had great reviews) and was able to get an appointment with him next Monday. I think I’m going to head to some wilderness area or park or something for a few days. I’ve got to get back to Denver to see Sarah McLachlan at Red Rocks by Sunday.

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2 Responses to Life in the Suburbs

  1. Sophia Van Wyk says:

    I’m in the South Suburbs of Denver, & have been following your blog :) If you need a place to park, or wrench on Walden, We have a warehouse off of Santa Fe & Evans :) We’d live to help out!

  2. pfaffman says:

    Englewood is where the mechanic is.  I will be in and around Englewood on Monday. 

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