I think I may need more than Chrome

In December I received a Google CR48 laptop (you can read some of my reactions on my Learn blog. Basically, it is a stripped down OS and has only Google’s Chrome browser. One can also access a text-based shell, which allows people like me to do stuff like connect to a server to add modules or other such stuff. This gives me almost everything I need. Almost.

Right now I am trying to get photos from this weekend posted. My phone will upload to Picassa, but not to flickr. I am afraid that I am going to need a “real” computer to manage photos and the like. I’m afraid that this may mean that I’m going to take a netbook in addition to the CR48. It seems a bit silly to take two laptops on the road. Maybe I’ll install Chrome OS on the netbook. Maybe I’ll install Ubuntu on the CR48.

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