Houston, I Have No Problem

This day’s plan was to drive the two hundred or so miles from San Antonio to Houston. Having gone to bed pretty early, I managed to get up and out of my overpriced hotel by nine. The friend I was going to visit told me that there was some beaver place I had to go to. I was not far out of San Antonio before I started seeing signs. There were lots of them. Think “See Rock City” or “Wall Drug,” if on a somewhat smaller scale.

Buc-ee's Sign

I got there and found out that, surprise, surprise, it’s a slightly larger-than-average convenience store. Well, that and the prices are all 25-50% higher than you might expect.

Buc-ee Interior

One bonus is that they do have part of a dead animal hanging on the wall.

Buc-ee's Kills Dears

They also have Really Expensive coolers. If hadn’t just bought a really expensive fridge (that’s not it exactly), I might be tempted.


In spite of the too-high prices I decided that I could not live without a variety of meat products. Meat sticks in hand, I loaded into Walden and resumed my voyage east, and arrived in Houston about 1:30.

My old friend greeted me warmly and took me out to lunch. He recommended the Margarita. I took his advice. He didn’t have one because he was on antibiotics or some such.

After lunch we went and played frisbee golf. Though I like throwing Frisbees, I have not played Frisbee golf much. From what I have seen of Frisbee golf and its aficionados in the past, it has seemed like an elaborate version of Hacky Sack, that is, a way to pass the time if you are stoned. I checked the Hacky Sack page to see whether marijuana use was, in fact, associated with the “sport.” When I found that it was not, I edited the page to include this information. Two minutes later my edits were removed and I got a note saying that my edit was “not consistent with our policy of verifiability.” Perhaps I was wrong. In any case, my friend was, to my memory, the first person to invite me to play Frisbee Golf sober. We had a good game. We tied. I don’t think that either of us contrived for that to be the case.

After the game ended, we headed to the hip CITYCENTRE. I failed to take my own photos, but you can tell that it’s hip because it has the British spelling and they use ALL CAPS.

We started at The Yardhouse. They have lots of good beers on tap. I ordered up a few Belgians for me and my friend. After a couple beers and some good conversation, we changed venues.

When we sat at this place, my friend, a now longtime resident of Texas, gave me a short treatise on tequila and ordered a couple of shots of high end tequila. They were indeed quite delicioso as were the tapas that we had to go along with them.

Our next stop was an uber-hip sushi joint that was a cross between a dance club and a sushi bar. At my friend’s behest, I ordered up a few of my favorites for us to consume together. He seemed pleased with all of my choices except the Unagi, that is, barbecued eel, which he did not eat. Unagi nigiri is what I almost always save for desert when I have sushi.

The sushi club was loud, as clubs can be. Tired of the noise, he suggested that we make another venue change. It was getting late and I had already figured that the place that I had left Walden in the nearby parking garage was quite flat enough, and would be a fine place to stay for the night.

We walked around the side of a building and went into another. Next thing I knew we were in a very quiet hallway. I thought that perhaps this was some secret speakeasy or something and was paying attention to see what the secret knock was. He slid a card into the door and we walked in to a sweet hotel room with a big flatscreen TV (I have to worry how much longer we will call them “flat screens” now that they all are). It was a far cry from the places that I had been staying. This picture, taken the next morning, does not quite capture the room’s resplendence, especially with my crap strewn all around.

hotel room

On planning my arrival, I had talked to my friend about places to park and he said he would book me a hotel. It seemed quite unnecessary, and not something that I would accept. My friend intuited this and since he had already checked in, there was now nothing that I could do. A little bit of luxury never hurt anyone. We hung out for a while longer and eventually I walked him to his car, grabbed some stuff out of Walden, and returned to my room where I availed myself of cable television and free WIFI as I lounged in the silky-soft sheets.

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