Home Invasion

Cute Chipmunk. Nice chipmonk

I was sitting in Walden minding my own business. There was a cute chipmunk sitting on a rock nearby. Just look at how cute he is.

The next thing I know, the little fellow jumped into the camper and started running amok. Having memories of the rats that invaded my dryer and stove, back when I had a house, I was especially miffed.

Chipmunk on the dash

After considerable dancing about, opening portals and poking at the varmint with whatever I could find, he finally made his way out. At least I think so, I didn’t actually see him leave.

Yes, this makes me a bit uncomfortable.


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3 Responses to Home Invasion

  1. trena says:

    Hey at least it’s not a possum ; )

  2. Ken says:

    We have a stuffed one from Crater Lake we keep on the dashboard. A real one would be more exciting.

  3. Annette Kinderman says:

    I am sure he is gone.  However, if you sit on your rear seat and it explodes and something runs up your arm, over your head, and down the other side, you can be sure he found Walden hospitable.  Like the squirrel who decided to nest in my sofa…

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