Getting out of the woods

It was time to get on out of Glacier. Plus, Little Bird’s sore throat seemed worse, and she seemed to have a fever. I contemplated buying a thermometer to show her that she had a fever, as it was becoming apparent that she’d be needing medical attention.

We drove back on out via the Going to the Sun Road. It was pretty spectacular, and coming from the west side, it doesn’t take long to get to the top. It still takes about three hours to get back across the park, though.

Here are a few more pics of our way out of Glacier.

Little Bird had somehow lost her cell phone a couple days earlier, and there’s almost no coverage in Glacier. Once we were out of the park, my phone started buzzing and beeping. Everyone made calls to their respective loved ones. Ox’s contact had received word that Bird’s phone had been located. Little Bird’s original plan was to have the phone mailed to someone who could subsequently get it to Little Bird once she had an address in Portland. To me, this seemed unnecessarily complicated, and it was unclear just when, or even if, she’d get an address in Portland.

About this time, knowing that she’d put up a fight, I suggested to Little Bird that she was going to have to go to the doctor. She mumbled something like “OK,” which was so far from what I expected to hear that I couldn’t really process it. We were headed to Whitefish, where the lovely woman in the sporting good store somewhere in Montana, Missoula, maybe, had told us to go. On the outskirts of Whitefish, I took note of a big building with doctors. She was asleep when we passed it.

We found the Whitefish Bar and Grill. I ordered a burger and told Ox, who was now pretty much out of cash, to order something too. He requested a half-order of biscuits-and-gravy. I knew that he needed more food than that, but couldn’t figure out how to override his order, so I let it stand. Bird was outside talking on my phone.

When Bird returned, I took her to the counter and had her order some food. She asked whether Ox had gotten anything. I assured her that he had. She asked the woman at the register what was the cheapest hearty meal they had, and was directed to the day’s special, a double cheeseburger with chips. She asked for that and whatever stuff that could be piled on that required no additional money.

After lunch I told Little Bird again that I was taking her to the doctor and she agreed. To my surprise, she has health insurance. Though it took much more trouble than one might like to find out (but not more than one might expect), it turned out that the place that we’d passed would accept her coverage. Ox and I took her into the hospital, and I let her take care of herself, in spite of my inclination to act as her health care advocate. Ox and I went to a nearby brewery to wait for her to get doctored up. We got a call from her, moments after tasted the first beer in the sampler. “Uh, we’ll be a little while,” I told her.

Bird’s insurance covered the visit without a co-pay, or so she told me. We then set out to get her drugs at the Nameless Mega Pharmacy that I’d located on the way to pick her up. The cash price (without any insurance coverage) for the stuff was $15, which was much less than I’d figured on spending when our Hospital Adventure was beginning. Still it was much more than she had, and more than her usual co-pay. When the drugs were ready, though, the co-pay was $3. I think she had $2 and accepted one more from me with sincere thanks.

With Little Bird’s first dose of drugs fighting the evil bacteria, and an analgesic addressing the symptoms, we headed for the Whitefish RV Park and settled in. There was not a hook-up nearby, so for the first time, I was glad that I have that damn 100 foot extension cord. It’s bulky and inconvenient, and I was about to find a way to jettison it. I was happy to finally have it be useful. I should probably cut it into two or three shorter ones.

We all got showers and then headed into town for dinner. The restaurant that had been recommended was a little more pricey than I’d bargained for, so we ended up back at the Whitefish Bar and Grill. There we had a nice dinner, this time my companions each ordered a reasonable meal and, as always, were quite thankful.

Back at the RV park, I plugged in Walden so that his spare battery could charge, and we went to sleep pretty early.

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