Geek: The Cr-48 gets needed apps!

You almost certainly don’t care about this, as you almost certainly don’t have a Cr-48. You probably also don’t use rsync and don’t want to. For me, though Todd Vierling is my hero. Not just because he registered, though that gives you an inkling of just how wise this man is. He has packaged rsync and a bunch of other useful command-line tools (like vile and nano!) for the Cr-48 and posted instructions for installing them. It was easy and has made it possible for me to upload images from my camera’s memory card to my server with a single command. It’s made my life much better. If you have a Cr-48 and use the command line, you should check out his Chromium OS Packages. Thanks, Todd.

Back to our regularly scheduled blather about getting my life set up in a camper.

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