From the Hole to Flagstaff

When I awoke, I was quite comfy in my sleeping bag. It was cold since I’d run out of propane at about 1:30. I tried to look out a window, but they were all iced over. I decided to stay in the bag a while longer.

None of my thermometers were in sight, but my acute senses told me that it was cold. It had obviously snowed, so it was likely down in the 20s. Where were my long underwear? Right. In the off-season clothes bag in the bottom of the closet. Now I had a goal for the day. Where was the window scraper? Oh, yeah. In the box on the roof. The one that’s probably covered with snow.

I’d slept in a long sleeve shirt made of some silk-weight wonder-fabric. I threw a long sleeve shirt over that. It was a little cold. I fished in the bottom of the closet and found the bag that I thought contained the long underwear. They were there. I was starting to think that there really is something to this everything-in-its-place thing. It would take a while to get enough heat stored up to get my legs out of the sleeping bag, remove my flannel pants, put on the long underwear and get pants on. I found the jeans and some socks. I opened the curtains. There was snow. Everything was blanketed, and there was snow stuck to the branches of trees. I snapped a few photos out the window.

I finally had to get up. I donned the winter gear, found some shoes and headed for the bathroom. With that out of the way, I went to the front of the place to see what I needed to do to get propane. She asked if I could wait a few minutes, like until 10:00. It was 8:30. I explained that it was sort of cold. She told me where to go.

I was supposed to go to the side of the place where the propane filling thing was. I went back to Walden, tried to get enough snow off of the windshield that I could see, and drove through the snow to the propane filler. The guy whom I assumed was her husband motioned me over. He complained about having to kneel down in the snow to get to the oh-so-inconveniently placed filler on the tank. 2.4 gallons later I was full.

I went in and paid under $8 for the propane and the twenty five cents she charged me for ice in my own cup. As I read this now, I wonder just why I thought I would need ice when the ground was covered with snow. Inserting a joke about selling ice to Eskimos is left as an exercise to the reader.

I returned to my parking spot, plugged in the electric, and cranked up the furnace. I computed for a while as Walden’s cabin warmed up. Eventually, it was time to get moving to investigate what I understood to be a very serious erosion problem. When I got to the parking lot a bunch of cars were parked outside of parking places because when they parked the snow precluded their being able to see the lines. A short walk from there was this big hole.

I walked around the top of it for a while and got a German tourist to take a picture for me. It really was pretty cool, and with all the snow it was pretty. I really should have hiked down into the bottom, or gotten a donkey to do it for me, but I just couldn’t deal, so I bounced.

On the way out of the park I saw a bunch of cars stopped. It was a bunch of Looky Lo us gawking at some elk. Since I did not yet have any pictures of elk and snow at the same time, I decided to be part of the problem and pulled Walden over to the side of the road and got a few shots. It was one of the few times I wished that I had a longer lens.

From the canyon I headed to Flagstaff, which went through some pretty country, which is cool if you like that sort of thing.

In Flagstaff I went to Beaver Street Brewery, as recommended by a friend. There at the bar I spoke with a gentleman who had asked the bartender how long it took to train the new guy behind the bar, which seemed like a rather odd question. I talked to him a bit more and learned that he was from Tennessee and had sixteen children. Strangely, this man was no Wilt Chamberlain. His wife, just one wife, had birthed sixteen children.

A couple to the other side of me had attended a local university and was back for some kind of reunion. They recommended a hotel. They hadn’t seen it yet, but a friend had done the legwork. I found my way there and it was pretty nice, especially as compared to those that I had seen in recent times.

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