First Light

Thor and I did pretty well on our proof-of-concept camp out in the driveway. Thor and I did pretty well sleeping on the downstairs bed. Standard queen sheets fit just fine on the bed and I got a couple of blankets. I put Thor’s blanket, which he is instructed to sleep on top of, on one side, though he mostly slept at my feet. It was a little chilly, about 50F, according to a thermometer inside the camper. It was 45F outside, according to my phone. It might have been a good idea to have all of the windows closed.

I woke up at about 4:00 and surfed the web for a while. I also listened to BBC on WUOT2 via my Squeezebox Radio (via my house wireless connection and server).

I got up around 7:00 and made breakfast. This required a trip back into the house to get a cutting board and something to cook with. I also lit the stove and used it to light a propane heater, which warmed the place up to 60F in short order. Cooking breakfast required lots of moving things around. Over and over again. I think that having the front table will help out with that. Also I want to get a cover for the sink as shown on this guy’s shower modification. His stainless one looks really good, though I may have to settle for plywood. I made some coffee, but was confused when I measured the water last night and had only half enough. At first I wondered why the coffee was so full-tasting. I cut up some mushrooms and cooked them in some butter, then dumped them out and fried a couple of eggs in that pan. I had a little kim chee on the side.

I folded up the back seat to eat breakfast, which required lots more moving around of stuff. Thor remained back in the back for a good while. At some point he wanted to go inside, presumably to get food, or, perhaps to suggest that it’s silly to sit in a car in the driveway of a 2800SF house.

The fridge, running on 110V is currently at 29.5F. My sparkling water had little ice crystals in it.

I just switched it over to propane. It got up to 52F while I was figuring out how to light the pilot, which was easier than I’d thought. I never did figure out where the sight glass to see the pilot is, but once I turned on the switch that controls the indicator lights, I see that the indicator for the pilot lit is lit. It’s down the 42F already and continues to drop.

I drained the water tank the other day, mostly to see that the pump really works and because I didn’t know how long that water had been in there, so I’ll take the dishes inside to wash them.

So it wasn’t a bad dry run. I did run inside to go to the bathroom, which I suppose is what I might do at a camp ground. All in all, it was reminiscent of the summer that I spent sleeping in my tree house.

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