Even in a van, I still have to schedule

Saturday I finally drove out of Knoxville. No more couch surfing with friend’s whom I am accustomed to seeing frequently. No more trips to the storage unit, Goodwill, and the same hardware store.

My first stop was a party in Bell Buckle, TN. A close friend’s brother had a party, and I’ve become very close with the family, so it was still not that different from being at home.

My plan was to leave Bell Buckle on Sunday, when my Knoxville friends left, and head to Atlanta, GA to see an old friend from Camp McDowell. I didn’t want to leave The Buckle until my friends left, yet I didn’t want to get to Atlanta (about four hours drive, plus an hour lost to a time zone change) after dark, or at an unreasonable hour. Sure, my old friend would be OK with me arriving after 9:00, but driving into a major city at night when I’m tired is decidedly less fun than ambling in when I can see stuff. I decided that if I couldn’t make it out of Bell Buckle early in the afternoon, I’d just stay another day. If I were just headed out into the wild, it wouldn’t really matter, but I’m trying to line up fun and driveways with people in Atlanta, Columbia, SC, and Pawley’s Island, SC. I don’t care much when I get anywhere, but the people that I’m planning to visit have jobs, and kids, and other kinds of commitments, so I can’t just waltz in with no warning. So,

Knowing that my friend’s schedule, with two adults, two cars, an infant, a toddler, and two teenagers was wildly unpredictable I tried to find out when they planned to leave.

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