Easing in to hiking

This morning I got up and after I listened to the radio and played guitar a bit, I thought that I should not be such a homebody and should get out. I packed up a couple of books, a hammock, some apples and pumpkin seeds and, yes, some water, and headed out. In spite of my efforts, I don’t really have any decent information about the trails where I am, and I have no access to the digital world, so I decided to head out on my own. Who needs trails, maps or compasses?

I walked for a while and saw all manner of pretty plants. The smell of the pines in the air was really nice. As I got near the top of a hill, I found two trees that were appropriately spaced for the hammock and strung it up. I ate some seeds and an apple and read.

It was really nice being outside. I was reminded of one of my favorite vacations where I and my girlfriend spent a week at a cabin on the water. The place was situated such that no one could see us on our perch on the edge of the earth. I spent the vast majority of the week naked, sitting by the water, reading, and having fantastic conversations. It was magical, and I longed to relive some of it. This morning, though, it was a bit chilly and I kept my clothes on.

I’m in a national forest. There are no houses here, nevertheless, there are scads of houseflies. I guess they don’t have any decent maps either. A really cool beetle with some blue on his wings came and hung out for a while. I had deep regret that I didn’t have my camera with me, but I was traveling “light and fast” as the people who walk around in the woods for no good reason like to say. I considered catching him to provide a photographic record for you, but before I could come up with a plan for capture and transport, he flew off.

I read and smelled the air. I tried napping. Periodically a strong breeze would arise whispering like a ghost through the trees. After a few hours it started to warm up and the book that I was reading mentioned trout, which made me think about the smoked trout in Walden’s cooler. I was starting to think that I should probably add sunglasses and sunscreen to my pack for my next journey.

It had been a lovely morning. I packed up the hammock and other stuff and walked the two hundred yards back to Walden for breakfast.

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