Did I mention that there are breweries in Fort Collins?

I woke up in Fort Collins pretty early and, not wanting to use the bucket, headed for a coffee house that sounded pretty good, Wild Boar Coffee. Google did an exceptionally poor job of getting me there, but I finally got a visual on the place, found a parking spot, loaded up the two laptops, cameras, and various reference materials that I would need to plan my next steps, and headed on in.

To my delight, this coffee house has a soda fountain. It was Pepsi instead of Coke, but I still didn’t have to drink coffee. And there was electricity. And food. And a bathroom. With running water. When you live in a van, these little things mean a lot.

I’d visited fewer than half of Fort Collins’ breweries the day before. I had work to do.

I’d planned to go to Fort Collins Brewing first, because they have a new restaurant that has received good reviews, and I hadn’t really eaten anything. Somehow, though, I ended up at Funkwerks, which may be my favorite Fort Collins brewery. They do even more Belgian style beers than New Belgium. Apparently New Belgium has paved the way for some really interesting beers in that town. My only complaint was that the only food they have is cheese, which would have been just fine if I needed only a snack, but cheese does not a meal make. The atmosphere is really friendly, and I ended up having conversations with nearly everyone in the place. The people at the next table even gave me one of their beers, as they’d gotten two samplers and that one was a dupe. I’d had it already, but didn’t mind drinking another.

From there I headed to Pateros Creek Brewing. This place is new and small. The beer was only OK. They don’t have any food, but they had a take-out menu from some sandwich shop. Some guys at the bar said that they sandwiches were good and after a bit more trouble than seemed necessary, a sandwich was ordered, and subsequently delivered. One of the guys who’d vetted the sandwich said that he was surprised that they doubled the price for delivery and, half jokingly, suggested that I should have gotten him to go get it, and handed me a business card for his courier service.

Since I’d hit two breweries already, it seemed prudent to park Walden before I went to another. I found a place on a quiet street, hopped on the bike, and made my way to C.B. & Potts. When I arrived I was hot, tired, and full. Although a couple of their beers sounded interesting, all I wanted was water. I checked out both their restaurant and the brew house, which was empty. Neither seemed conducive to my finding humans to talk to. I got a wedge lettuce salad to go with my water and biked on back to Walden.

After I’d settled in for the night I heard a group of people walk by and say something like “I bet there’s a hippie in there,” and went on to say something about what they’d do when they walked back home. I was tempted to move Walden, but decided not to. I didn’t hear from them again.

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2 Responses to Did I mention that there are breweries in Fort Collins?

  1. Gayle says:

    Following your travels is inspiring. Not moving Walden was pretty gutsy. Glad you were able to do that. Thanks  for allowing us to virtually follow your journey. Enjoy it!

  2. pfaffman says:

    Inspiring? Wow. That’s high praise. Thanks a lot. I’m trying to get better about posting pictures too. It’s hard, though, as organizing them takes time, and posting them requires a decent internet connection, which I don’t always have. I’m getting a little better at it, though.

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