Denver, my new home

This morning I bought the parts to make Walden move again. It took me only 42 minutes to bike the 12 miles. I did take water. After a while, I managed to install a new coil, spark plug wires and distributor cap. I turned the key and . . . no joy. It sounded really funny. It turned out that I had not connected the right wires to the right poles of the distributor, in spite of what I thought were my best efforts. I moved some wires around and Walden started up.

I moved stuff around in the camper and went on up the road back to the motel. As it turns out, biking 40 minutes and doing automotive maintenance makes for a dirty boy. At the desk I asked whether I could move checkout from 11:00 (it was about quarter til) until noon. They said it’d be fine, but when I got to the room, it had already been cleaned. I went and washed up in the restroom. As I headed out, I returned the key and said something about how the room had been cleaned already. They insisted that go ahead and shower. I must have been really dirty.

I packed up, checked with a couple local mechanics to see whether either wanted to do an oil change. They were both working. I opted to roll on up to Denver, learning that it was a scant 150 miles away. It was a good trip, not too hot. I stopped a time or two to buy diet coke and get a bag of ice for the cooler.

At about 2:0 I reached the Greater Denver Area. I told Google that I wanted to go to a brewery downtown that I’d visited a year or so ago when I was here for the AERA Annual Meeting. There was a parking place near the door. It took me a couple tacks to get into the place. On the second attempt, the car died. I turned the key. It didn’t crank up immediately. When it did, a minute or two later, it sounded a bit funny. I ended up jockying into the place using the starter motor.

The good news is that the meter says that overnight parking is allowed. The bad news is that you’re supposed to move the car 100 feet every two hours. I had some lamb burgers and I’m nearing the bottom of my second beer. Sometime Real Soon Now, I’ll go see if dear Walden will start.

my new home

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3 Responses to Denver, my new home

  1. Andrew says:

    If you’re still having troubles with the van, I can recommend Blazer Automotive in Englewood on the south side of Denver.  A few years back we limped across Kansas and got there just before July 4th and they took us in, fixed us up and tuned our van for mountain driving.  I’m sure you can find others as Colorado generally has good support for old VWs.  Check out roadhaus for more shop reviews: 

  2. jzzy55 says:

    Last heard from, you were broken down in Denver. Heading into a holiday weekend.

  3. pfaffman says:

    Stuff I’d read online made a guy in Boulder sound really good, but when I finally talked to him I learned that he’s booked for months (I think he does mostly conversions). 


    I”ve got an appointment with Blazer fornext monday.


    Sorry I’ve not posted sooner. I’ve been at a friend’s. Walden is limping along. Will try to get that posted by first thing tomorrow.

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