Cup Holder, sky light mechanism, dry box, eye bolts: check

I’m sure you’re wondering just what I’ve accomplished in the past couple of days. If you’re my student who’s wondering why I haven’t gotten his/her/hir dissertation proposal back, this is not the post you were hoping for (though I did start reading it this morning and should have it returned by tomorrow). It’s all small stuff, not that exciting, but I do have pictures.

In 1985 car designers thought that people would not to consume beverages while driving. It would be dangerously distracting. Besides, what if you hit a bump and spilled your drink? Now drivers need cup holders to free our hands to answer the phone, send textual messages, and look at a tiny screen to see where we are rather than, say, looking out the window or using a map. (The user interface on those things was horrible! Not only did they not indicate where you were, but they also required a minor in origami to get them back into the glove box.)

As a fan of the Super Big Gulp I need a place to put down my drink. (Sadly, there are no 7-11s here, but thankfully nearly every rippy mart has adopted the 44 ounce cup.) I went to one of those stores that sells things for boats and bought a cool-looking circuit breaker thing. I’m not sure whether I’ll find a place to mount it, but it holds promise. I also bought two of those swinging cup holders that you might put on a boat. I tried mounting one to the new console, but was reminded that gravity holds that sucker in place and hanging things on the cantilevered ledge is not a good idea. I returned those two $15 units and got a $3 thing that I just screwed on top of it. It doesn’t block my view as much as you might imagine.

Cup holderAnother bad cup holder picture

I also replaced the thing that opens (and hopefully closes better than gravity alone) the sky light. This is a bad picture of the mechanism, but it’s a pretty view of the sky.

What a pretty blue sky

I also got a Pelican box that locks into place on the roof. It seems like a very little space for an awfully lot of money (the inside dimensions are: L42.00″ W13.56″ H5.31″), but it is pretty cool. If I ever want to check fire arms on a plane, this is a great box for it. I would have to buy some foam to go in it, and, of course, fire arms.

Pelican box on roof

I also installed some of those things that go over the windows so that you can open them a bit in the rain.

Perhaps I *can* stop the rain outside my window.

This is exciting. I replaced the bolts that hold the passenger side seat belt with these eye bolts that can be used to lock stuff up or connect Thor’s leash to. I don’t think I was drunk when I ordered them and they were cheaper than the cat carrier. (And no, Thor and I are not taking the kitty on the road.)

eye boltanother eye bolt

In other news, the CWNN is at the shop, hopefully having the rear wheel bearings replaced. I’m hoping to take a little shake down cruise to the Red Neck Riviera next week.

Now, to get to that dissertation proposal. . .


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