KOA: Couldn’t do the Walmart.

This morning as I lay in bed thinking that Thor and I should hit the road, I received a phone call from my therapist to let me know that he/she/zie was expecting me 10 minutes earlier. As one who tries to make appointments and has some interest in his mental hygiene, I said that I’d be there shortly. Remembering advice that Todd Snider had once received about how to write songs (something about living such that you could get your stuff packed in 20 minutes and having to do that twice a year), I attempted to get all of the necessary gear into the car in 10 minutes and head out to The Shrink.

I made it there about 30 minutes late, not bad considering she didn’t call before I was 10 minutes late. I suggested that she come see my new home. She admitted that she really wanted to see it, for strictly therapeutic reasons, of course. I turned the passenger’s seat around to face the back and made Thor move over a bit and suggested that we finish the session in the camper, which worked for a while, but then she remembered that she’d left her office door open and was concerned that someone would steal her purse or her computer from her office. It seemed highly improbable to me, but I left all of my belongings in my unlocked vehicle (admittedly with a ferocious dog) and returned to her office. And on it went.

I’d hoped to leave straight away from there, but I remembered that I’d left behind my jacket. Maybe it wouldn’t be cold. Maybe I could get another. Then I remembered that I’d left all of my hanging clothes, which would leave me with only the shirt and pants that I was wearing at the time. Defeated, I went back to the house, got the hanging clothes and the overdue/recalled library books and headed out.

I’ll gloss over the elaborate arrangements to meet my mother at Costco in Birmingham so that she can take my sewing machine to the shop to get a couple missing pieces replaced, a fruitless trip to a Best Buy, and a stop at a Walmart where I decided that I couldn’t imagine sleeping there. I considered Google’s estimate that I could make it to tomorrow’s destination by 10PM today. If I’d been in the Subaru, I’d probably have pushed on through.

I know what you might think about Georgia, but really it’s Clanton Alabama that is the peach capitol of the South. I was headed to Exit 205 which holds both Durbin Farms and Peach Park. I thought I’d stop there and procure some vegetable matter, but then I noticed a KOA campground that I’d just passed. At the next exit I hit Durbin Farms, bought some apples, onions and peanuts and headed back up the road.

It was my first stop at an actual RV campground. When I pulled up there was this ominous sign that said not to enter before going to the office. It wasn’t clear why I shouldn’t pull my car into one of the 23 parking places by the office, but I didn’t want to break any rules. Anyway, $30 later I had permission and directions for parking. I managed to figure out how to plug in to the power and filled my water tank from the hose thing next to where I’d parked. There’s free wireless and here we are.

I was going to sleep upstairs but as I sit here typing I notice drops of water falling on me, so I pulled down the pop-top and will soon figure out how to move stuff around so that I can pull down the seat and go to sleep. Thor, already asleep, will probably be annoyed at the process.

Tomorrow we’ll head on down the road to meet up with my college-aged cousins who are now tired of mardi gras in New Orleans.

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