Buzzards Day, Hinckley Ridge, Ohio


See buzzards (turkey vultures) come home to roost in the rock cliffs and ledges in Hinckley. This annual celebration dates back to 1957 when 9,000 visitors flocked the township to see the return of the buzzards from their winter hiatus.  The US Ranger leads a brigade of humans to the ridge, binoculars & silence, till the first one is spotted, at which point is yelled “Its a Buzzard!!!”  continuing the watch as more and more are sighted.  Then its back to town for pancake feed!

The event includes an early bird hike; skits, songs and stories performed in tents or in fields, displays, crafts, photos, contests and additional hikes. Don’t miss this rite to spring and learn about the legend that surrounds Buzzard Day and why so many buzzards and people come out in March.

  • When:  March 19, 2012(Usually the first Sunday after March 15) from 7 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • Location: (Map It) Hinckley, OH near Hinckley Lake off of Bellus and State Roads
  • Phone: 330-278-2066

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