Beer, Beer, and more Beer

I woke up and showered and blogged at the home of my gracious hosts. I also went through their DVD collection and backed up some of their stuff to my laptop’s hard drive. That way, if their house burned down, they would still have the movies that I liked. The really good news here is that I learned that the DVD drive on my new laptop works fine. Apparently the DVDs I’d tried to back up previously were copy protected or something.

It seemed like that since I was in Seattle I should, well, go to Seattle. I got a list of beer-bars and breweries, bid my hosts farewell, and set out to see Seattle.

The first place I hit was the Elysian Brewing Company. There I had a really good beer sampler, but noticed that there were other beers that I hadn’t yet had. I asked if I could get another sampler with those beers and the barkeep brought them on. I also got some clams, which were quite tasty. It’s nice being near the water where shellfish can be had. If only I could find a place that grows oysters. That would be quite a day.

After Elysian, I headed to Brouwer’s Cafe. Had some tasty Belgian beers and some frites. I was tempted to also get some mussels, but I was waiting for N, a woman who, strangely, follows my blog. That’s right, another blog follower learned that I was in the area, and offered to meet me. N has elected to be known as “Noelle” here on my blog. Her blog’s tag line is Scuba Diving. Cycling. Eating. Cocktails. Not at the same time. It’s the cocktails that I found interesting. In a world of 160 characters or fewer, she is known as Tallnoe. She is, in fact, tall.

Noelle did, in fact, find me at Brouwer’s. We had a beer. We made a plan to hit a few other places. I followed her to her house where I parked Walden and got into her car. We headed on to Uber Tavern, which has a fairly fantastic selection of beers.

I was getting tired, but Noelle hadn’t had dinner, so the next thing I know, we are off to Anthony’s Home Port, a place that was associated with good memories in her youth. I’m pretty sure I ate something there, and it was tasty, but it was getting late. One of the problems with posting stuff a week in arrears is that my notes are not always sufficient.

After dinner we returned to her house. She kindly left a side door unlocks so that I could get in to use the facilities. I returned to Walden, closed the curtains and went to bed. I was parked immediately under a bright sodium vapor light. It’s rare that I wish that I had blackout curtains, but this was one of those times. Somehow I thought that I wasn’t ready to crash, so I watched an episode of Entourage.

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  1. Noelle says:

    I’m kinda sad that you didn’t get oysters in Seattle! I went someplace the following week and had some delicious ones. I think maybe Anthony’s failed on that account.

    It was lovely to have met you! Come back any time. 😀 Well, if I’m here, that is.

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