Back in the Hood

Thor and I went to a party tonight. I played music. Thor did not, but he was invited in. I didn’t even ask, though I did tether him on the front porch. I’d thought I might just stay parked in front of the house, but when the party broke up, I was quite sober, so I moved on. Read on to hear about our sleeping at the place where my house used to be and the first meal cooked in the camper.

Rather than go back to The Rental, I went to the Fellini Kroger. (Editors note to non-Knoxvillians, Yes, there is a Kroger in North Knoxville that’s known fairly widely as the “Fellini Kroger.” Proof that this name is apt comes from this anecdote. An acquaintance once had a party and had a Fellini film playing as wallpaper. At some point, a young woman, apparently somewhat aghast, said “WHAT IS THIS?!” It was explained that it was a film by Fellini. She responded “Oh, so that’s why they call it the Fellini Kroger. Further details at the Facebook link, above.) At said Kroger I bought beer, eggs, chorizo, tortillas and an onion. I meant to buy cilantro, but I forgot. I wish I’d bought a small can of salsa, but somehow I talked myself out of it.

I drove to 2037 E 5th ave, where my house once stood, opened the gate and drove the camper up to the front of the lot, pretty much where the entry hall used to be. Thor and I relieved ourselves, I closed the curtains and we’ve settled in for the night. I’m annoyed that after I spent considerable time moving more songs into the USB stick that belongs in my stereo, I left the sucker at home. [Note: Nope, it was somewhere in the “way-back”.] I almost turned around and got it, but I was already late for the party.

I’m reminded how alive this neighborhood is. It’s 1:15 and there are still the sounds of lots of people out in the street, on porches, and walking about, laughing, talking loudly and laughing. Thankfully, I don’t hear any loud bass-heavy music playing.

Well, it’s late. I suppose I should climb upstairs and get to sleep.

And so I did. In the morning, I got a call from a friend whom I’d sent a textual message the night before. He and some friends ended up coming over for breakfast around 8AM. I’d gotten a 45 minute warning, so Thor and I had a chance to straighten up a bit.

I ended up making coffee and some pretty darn tasty chorizo and eggs, served on corn tortillas. It was the first meal that I’d actually cooked in the camper. And it was tasty.

Thor really liked it.

Here’s my old house:

and here’s my new one:

And here’s me on top of my world:

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  1. Mark Beresford says:

    So what happened to your old house??

  2. pfaffman says:

    You can read about my old house at

  3. bobm153 says:

    I’m sure if you posted pictures of the cat on the roof, you would have gotten 100+ comments, but since it was just you, I guess nobody cared.

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