Any Tips for Key West?

I enjoyed my travels in Walden and seeing lots of nouns, you know, people, places and things. Though I got better at finding places to park Walden and even talk to people, the constant motion did eventually start wearing on me. I have decided that it might be nice to try staying somewhere for a more extended period of time and that Key West Florida might be a good place to go in January.

About all I know about Key West is that Jimmy Buffet likes it there. I do know a few Jimmy Buffet songs and might be willing to learn a few more if it meant that I could find a place to play them that might provide me with victuals and a tip jar.

If you have tips on places that Walden might appear inconspicuous or favorite haunts in Key West, or advice that I should go to some other Key instead, I’m all ears. If there is stuff between Birmingham, AL and the keys that I should consider seeing on the way, that could help too.

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7 Responses to Any Tips for Key West?

  1. Kathy Rankin says:

    You must go lobster fishing! Not sure of the season, but I think Spring. It is awesome to do and even better to eat. Diving, snorkeling, parking is a nightmare. Take a trip out to the to dive and fish. Hemingways place is nice to see. Partying is everyday so you should fit right in! Wish I where going with you! Marathon Key is nice as well. You could take the jet boat,and in 3 hours be in Fort Myers for a day return the same day. As I think of more will let you know. Leave before hurricane season! Wish I could meet you there!

  2. andrew.bell says:

    you should camp at Big Pine Key Lodge…that place is awesome!!! You’ll dig it there!!!

  3. Andie Ray says:

    Don’t much about Key West, went there one time. Have a brother in Tallahassee (state capital) and another brother in Jacksonville. If you need a pit stop I am sure they will let you camp in their respective driveways.

    If you get anywhere near Apalachiacola, FL, which is in the panhandle, you MUST check it out. This is the epitome of “real Florida”, it’s a sweet little town on the Apalachicola Bay, the best seafood, they call themselves the “The Oyster Capital of the World” Great historic district and locally owned shops and eateries.


  4. Gary DeGrow says:

    Jay, the Green Parrot and Hogs Breath both have small stages, also Sloppy Joes. Pepe’s is a good place to meet the locals, don’t know about a stage. I’m sure there are lots of other places to play. Try kayaking thru the mangroves.
    If you have time to stop and ask, there are things to see on every key.

  5. Howell says:

    In case you have not found this webcam look here.
    We have been to Key West and all four of the places above. We even saw Maria Maulder at the Green Parrot. You absolutley have to go to sunset peer at “sunset”. One of the many fun times we had was a sunset catamaran cruise. I can’t wait for more Hobo stories.

  6. Almut says:

    There are probably not too many interesting things in Montgomery, but we would be happy to welcome you on your way down.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    The Dolphin Research Center on Marathon Key may be worth a stop. In Key West you need to have breakfast at Blue Heaven (dinner is good too). Everyone says that you have to do sunset at Mallory Square, but we preferred watching the sun go down at the rooftop bar of the La Concha hotel.

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