Another Lovely Day in Barcelona

Here’s more from my trip to Barcelona. It was December 9, 2011. I’m in Birmingham right now and leave for Ecuador (not in my van) in two days (Wednesday).

Our first full day in Barcelona, Jen and I got up at a reasonable hour and jumped on the bus. Jen is not a big fan of modern art, but I coerced her to get off at the Miro Museum nonetheless. Miro was a trip. I think my favorite thing was that once he was famous and whatever crap he produced would be incredibly valuable, he started burning his paintings.

Me and a statue

We also got off by this important-looking building up on a hill. The bus narration strangely had not mentioned it. It was going to be a long walk up all the stairs to get to it. As we got closer, though, we learned that there were escalators hidden off to the sides, so we were able to ride all the way up.

National Museum

When we went in, the fee for entry seemed higher than we were willing to pay, even with the discount provided by the coupon book that came with our bus pass. We decided that we had seen enough art already. There were a couple seagulls in a fountain fighting over what I hoped was a fish, but seemed to be the carcass of another bird. We watched as a bird crept across the edge of the fountain and took the snack from the gulls. I posted them on Picasa.

We headed back down the hill to catch the bus, noticing that there was a stop a bit closer than the one where we had gotten. The bus arrived soon after we got to the stop. Do you want to guess where the next stop was? Yeah, it was in the parking lot of the museum. We got off down near a marina where there were these bouncy things–essentially bungee cords and trampolines, so you could jump really high. Jen was fired up to bounce, but as we looked more closely it seemed to be less fun than we first thought. On the water nearby was this statue thing floating around.

floating statue

I also got this picture of us looking at ourselves in the reflection of this building.


At our next stop, we hit a casino. Jen had just turned 21, so she had never been in one. The slot machines were very odd to me. We also played a little blackjack. There was this automated machine that did the dealing. It was real cards and real people playing, but a robot dealt and kept the cards under glass. After Jen and I had lost a predetermined amount of money,

We decided that we would be remiss if we didn’t put our feet in the, uh, hold on. . . in the Mediterranean, so we did. It was a bit chilly, but it was still really fun to wade a bit in December. There were a couple people in the water, including a woman who swam topless for a while. I got some pictures of her. No, I waited until she had her top back on.


There is an amazing amount of public art in Barcelona. Here’s a cool Lichtenstein.

The Head

Back in our part of town, we hopped off the bus and went back to the hostel before going back out to stroll about. We tried to go to one of our favorite places from the previous night that had a delightful Belgian beer on tap, but by the time we found it again, it was closed.

It was a lovely and relaxing day.

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