And we’re off, almost

It’s been a busy week at The Rental. I did manage to post that a tree fell on the Subaru (for the second time in poor Super Roo’s life).

I didn’t manage to post about going to Pull-A-Part to look for a hatch for the Subaru. It’s pretty cool. You go in, check on a computer to see if they have a car that matches yours. I told the guy I needed a hatch for a 95 Subaru. He said that a 95-99 would work. There were two such vehicles. I paid a dollar to get my hand stamped and to get permission to go out onto the lot. I found the first one. It was a wagon, but had been rear-ended. The other one was a sedan. I stumbled on a 70’s vintage Westfalia. It was pretty stripped. It’s actually pretty interesting to walk around a lot full of cars in various states of disassemblement. It was definitely worth the price of admission and fun for the whole family.

I didn’t mention my new Canon EOS 40D that I won on eBay. I don’t know anything about cameras except that, like computers, they change continually and there is no way that anyone can keep up with them. Fortunately, my sister’s boyfriend is a professional photographer. We spent an hour or more on the phone emailing links back and forth to ads on Craig’s List and eBay. According to him, this body and its 17-85mm lens is a pretty good way to go if you live in a van. And somehow because the CCD on the “prosumer” cameras is not the full size of a 35mm piece of film, so a 17mm lens is really like a 24mm lens. Anyway, I really do love the camera. It’s tons easier to compose, zoom, shoot, and cull photos than it is on the two different point-and-shoots that I’ve been using. It’s bulky and I have to carry a reader for the Compact Flash card, but Real Soon Now. I’ll post some pictures.

I took 9 pounds of brand new speaker cables (about $100) that, if you don’t count the fact that the insulation was partly melted from the fire, to the metal recycling yard. It was a very interesting cultural outing. The guy in front of me said that he makes about $2000 a month finding stuff and taking it there. This is reported at 1099 income, which he offsets by keeping up with his mileage and other expenses. He offered business advice to the 22 year old between us (she was selling aluminum lawn furniture) who with her husband was doing odd-jobs like yard work and home repair, recommending that she spend the $15 it takes to get a business license and how to get exempt from having to provide workman’s comp insurance. When you sell copper, they have to hold it for a week.

I didn’t mention the million trips to the storage unit. I hope to have some pics posted later today.

I installed a new Westfalia logo on Walden. It’s not exactly the same as the original, but it’s darn close, and the matching Walden is very cool.

I finished installing the shelf and other stuff where the refrigerator used to be. I’ve got all my kitchen stuff in there and the space under the sink is practically empty except for the bottle marked “URINE.” (Or was until a bunch of food got put there. On second thought, I might need to find another place for the urinal.)

I took my first trip to a laundromat in at least a decade. News flash: not much has changed. Sure, there was wifi, but I didn’t see anyone, including myself, using it. Somehow one of the washers didn’t manage to spin my sheets dry (maybe it was over loaded?) and I got a bunch of water on the floor. When I asked for a mop, the attendant (whom I suspect was the owner and had been very nice up to this point) asked in a frustrated and accusing tone “what did you do?” I was reminded of The Death of Suzzy Roache. I watched my back until I was out of there.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll have some interesting stories soon, but I’m here to tell you that moving in to a camper is just as tedious as moving in to any other domicile. It was mostly boring stuff taking the cable box back to Comcast and getting stuff boxed up. Oh, it was made a bit more complicated by the fact that I had no power from Monday until Friday afternoon.

I can’t find the flash card reader, so pictures will have to wait. I’m off to meet the carpet cleaner at The Rental and pick up whatever other little things remain there.

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