And the outfitting begins

Still forlorn that I couldn’t take The Camper with No Name to Nashville, Thor and I hopped in the Subaru and went anyway. Our first stop was REI.

I knew that I wanted a sleeping bag.I lost mine in the fire, and figured a sleeping bag would be a good thing to have. I was going to get one of those double bags or two that could be zipped together. I learned that one of the differences between men’s bags and women’s bags is the size that the zipper is on (there was something else about women needing warmer bags that I didn’t quite comprehend), so really you could get any two bags from the same manufacturer (or who used the same zippers) and zip them together. Then I remembered that I was going to be living in a van down by the river, so such planning seemed a bit superfluous. I ended up with a REI Travel sack that’s rated to 50F. It’ll be summer, and I’ll be in the camper, so I probably don’t need that much in the way of warmth. This one unzips all the way, so it can also be used as a blanket. I also got a Cocoon CoolMax TravelSheet, a really lightweight bag thing that will be good on not nights or when staying at someone’s house and not wanting to trouble them for sheets. I slept in both last night and found them quite comfy. I’ll definitely need a bit more if I end up in the mountains or somewhere cold. (It turns out that it’s a bit cheaper from Amazon, and eligible for free shipping with Prime, and not eligible for sales tax, I’d have saved over $10 buying online. It was convenient, though, and I did get expert advice from the sales person.)

One thing I enjoy at home is decent wine glasses. I have a few really nice Reidel glasses, and a bunch of decent cut-rim titanium glasses (the titanium is supposed to make the stronger). For a time I entertained the notion that I’d take a couple of those with me, but they’re big and fragile, so I somehow came to my senses. I got a couple of these cool GSI Outdoors Stainless Steel Glacier Wine Glass. They are stemless, have a nice fine lip and I think will do double duty to replace my Riedel Sommeliers Series Single Malt Whiskey Glass that I’m leaving in storage. I used on to drink some Jameson out of last night and it did quite nicely.

Another thing that I enjoy at home are Bodum Pavina 12-Ounce Double-Wall Glasses. I had them before the fire and gladly got rid of all of my coffee mugs for these. They’re also great for cold drinks. I glass that does well for either coffee or a vodka tonic is a fine thing indeed. And they’re beautiful. Again, I thought that I might take two of these on the road, but managed to realize that doing so would be folly, so I allowed myself to be talked in to a pair of double-walled titanium mugs. They were a bit pricey, but my friends convinced me that I would be a fool not to buy them. I haven’t tried them out yet, but I’m hoping that they’ll also work for cocktails.

Someone had recommended a small Kelty tent thing that I looked at, but it came without poles. I found this Kelty Deluxe Carport on closeout. I think it’s going to be a pretty nice addition, providing shade outside the sliding door. More news after I get it out of the bag. Reviews, I have subsequently learned, look pretty good, though one person said that it was difficult to figure out how to set it up. I’ll let you know.


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  1. Hayduke says:

    People who bought that tent thing on Amazon also bought The Roots of Obama’s Rage. Could be an SUV thing, but you should pick up a copy to fit in.

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