And the adventure begins!

Thor and I stopped to check the map and lo! the car won’t start. I had a little trouble last night at the Walmart where I didn’t overnight park, but it got going again just fine. It was doing great, but that was then.

I called the local dealer, not only did the receptionist ask who it was that makes Vanagons, but the VW person said that they were booking now for next Tuesday. I asked if they knew someone who actually worked on cars such as mine and they gave me the name of Jay’s Imports and a phone number which I was unable to remember or write down. Fortunately I did find the guy and talked to him. He said it sounded like the fuel pump, which isn’t that big a deal, and he even thinks he can get one today. He suggested that I give the fuel pump a couple of “love taps” to see if it could be coaxed into running again. I found a picture of said pump in the Bentley Manual and located the fuel pump and gave it a few taps, but it would seem that it’s given up the ghost.

The good news is that replacing the fuel pump looks like the kind of thing I could do if I had a fuel pump and the luxury of a dry place to work. I’m not sure how to go about getting a fuel pump without a car or finding a dry place to work in the rain.

My good friends at AAA say that a tow truck should be here within an hour. I don’t know about the etiquette of a 75 pound dog and a tow truck. But apparently I”m about to find out.

Hopefully Jay and squeeze me in and we’ll again be on our way.

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