And on to Utah

I woke up at about 1AM. It had not been much after 9:00 when I had gone to sleep, but I was not ready to be awake. I read. I listened to the radio. I was still awake. At about 3:00 I decided to just hit the road. I opened up the curtains, climbed into the front seat, and I was off.

Sleeping outside the Funkwerks brewery, I woke up at 1:00AM. I read. I listened to the radio. A little after 3:00 I gave up, put on some clothes, opened up the curtains, and slid into the front seat and hit the road.

A few hours later, as the sun was rising, I started getting drowsy and found a rest stop where I pulled in, closed the curtains, took off my clothes, and climbed back in to bed where I napped for a few hours.

Back on the road, I crossed the continental divide and saw some huge tandem tanker trucks.

I also saw this odd truck with a sign warning of testing with water. I do not know what it could be that it tests.

Have you ever wondered about how and where to collect antlers? Antlers, I learned in Jackson, Wyoming last year, are distinct from horns because antlers fall off each year. I wondered how and where you go to find them. This sign offers some clues.

I saw a sign about some national fossil area. It seemed interesting, so I turned off. Just off the road, however, was Ulrich’s fossil gallery. This looked too bizarre to pass up. I parked where a woman greeted me outside. I explained that I wanted to see her gallery. She invited me in. She showed me some of her fossils. They are indeed pretty cool. The rock splits easily and sometimes you can find little pieces of fish bones poking up. From there, you scrape away the rock to uncover the dark little fish bones. She showed me some kits that you can buy and do it yourself. It was almost, but not quite, someone’s Christmas give. I left taking only photographs.

A bit further down the road I noticed a hillside of similar looking rocks. I stopped and looked at them, breaking some of them open to see if I could find my own fossils. I was unsuccessful.

I drove past a beautiful lake and through fantastic canyon, and then, about 4:00 I pulled in to my friend’s driveway in North Logan, Utah. There I sat on the porch where I watched the sun set and wondered what life in Utah would be like.

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3 Responses to And on to Utah

  1. Chad says:

    A fine day!

  2. DWC says:

    I can only assume that the “beautiful lake and …fantastic canyon” were Lake Mantua and Sardine Canyon. Now tell me you got pictures? Jonesing for a vicarious living fix, here….

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