And on to Jackson Hole

I got out of my spot in the Shoshone national forest pretty early in the morning. I crossed the pass, which included several miles of unpaved roads. I’m told that there are two seasons in Wyoming, Winter, and road construction.

As I was getting in to Jackson, I saw the Museum of Wildlife Art that my mom had said was worth a look. I wasn’t convinced, but thought I’d go take a look. It turned out that they were having a bike ride there to celebrate a new section of bike paths. I have a bike and thought that I might have fun with some bike riders. It turned out that the event also included a free lunch.

It was a beautiful morning and the ride was nice. On the first half of the ride, I ended up talking to a woman from California who is involved in running a charter school in Los Angeles. She is decidedly more optimistic about education in our country than I am, so I listened carefully. Her school requires kids to be in dance classes for an hour a day. I was interested in how and whether an hour of activity a day, and perhaps the desire to perform better as a dancer affected obesity. It’s apparently not a data point that they are collecting now. I remember getting on the scales every year in my elementary school.

It turned out that the reason she was involved with this charter school was that it had grown out of a dance school that she had set up, or become involved in to honor her daughter who had been killed killed riding a bicycle in Grand Teton National Park. For more than the past decade, she and her husband have been supporting getting bike paths in the park and the Jackson Hole area and coming back each year for the ride.

This bike ride included a Free Lunch! Hot dogs and hamburgers and a lovely selection of condiments and toppings. And live music. A couple was just setting up as I got in, and I offered unsolicited advice about how to improve their sound. It was a big room and really hard to get the sound right. Worse, you can’t hear what it sounds like out in the audience because you have to stand somewhere else to play. They were happy rather than offended to get my advice and we ended up chatting for a while between sets. They played a few songs that I knew and played a Kate Wolf song that reminded me that I like Kate Wolf and hadn’t heard anything of hers in some years. I said goodbye to them as I was leaving and they gave me a CD. I loved the CD and was horribly disappointed when my new JVC head unit stopped playing CDs. In fact, it now doesn’t even acknowledge that it ever played CDs.

I hadn’t actually seen the museum, but they wanted $10 and I didn’t feel like looking at likenesses of animals, so I decided to go on into Jackson Hole. I found a parking place on the street and checked out the shops. Now that I burned down my house and live in a van, I have very little desire to buy stuff. Then I found my way to a place that sells pelts and bison skins and cow skins and such. They had a really cool leather jacket that I thought might work as a sport coat for the wedding I am to attend October 1. It is decidedly not the coat that one might buy in Birmingham, Alabama, where I grew up, but it seemed like a great memento of my Western Adventure. I decided to think on it while I went down to Snake River Brewery.

Snake River had great beers. One of the brewers was standing behind me. He answered some question about some beer and I asked him about what appeared to be a beer called “Rob Still Sucks.” It turned out that he was Rob. There was no such beer, but someone had the sign made as a joke. There needed to be a place holder when they have fewer than eight beers on tap and this was it. The joke went further. I’m told that if you look around Jackson, you can see “Rob Still Sucks” stickers here and there.

A guy had been sitting next to me for a good while when he asked me if I’d been watching the golf tournament. I had noticed that some guys were hitting golf balls, but that was about it. I guess I told him about Walden or something, and it turned out that he is a big VW nut. He’s got a 60-something camper, and his son has a Westy too. We talked for quite a while about VWs.

On the way back to Walden I stopped at the store to get the coat, but they had closed. I made my way out of town and found the campground. There was one spot left. I’d been told that there was dispersed camping beyond it up the road, but I wasn’t sure I’d find it and there was one space left, so I went for it. It was right by the dumpster.

I posted a bunch more photos, if you’re interested.

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